Thursday Ten: Almost Walking Normally Again edition

1. Well, several days post-walk I feel that today may well be the first day I am not walking with the stiff-legged hobble of someone whose feet are plastered with blisters (really I have just a few blisters on my toes – all in unfortunate spots that most shoes rub, which is a bummer). I am on the mend, for sure, and am grateful. I’d love to get back to my normal routine with working out and now that the weather’s nice, maybe try to start running again.

2. The Princess will turn ten on Monday and I can’t believe she’s entering double digits. I don’t ever mourn the stages she left behind – I’m generally too excited to see what changes each new year brings. Admittedly, her turning ten makes me feel really OLD.

3. On the music front, I did just buy John Mayer’s latest album, “Born & Raised” though I haven’t listened to it yet. It was getting pretty solid reviews and since I’ve always been able to separate the musician from the DB, I kind of enjoy his music. Actually, I hated him until I saw him perform live in 1998 at Rothbury – now? I don’t. The reviews are saying this is album is a bit folkier sounding, and y’know? I’m okay with that. I’ll let y’all know after I listen, though.

4. This morning while I was getting ready for work, Pumpkin stepped out on the front porch without my knowing to “check the weather”. She ended up locking herself out of the house. The dog started barking as she knocked on the door, but I was in the back of the house throwing a load of whites in the washing machine, and frankly, he barks at everyone and everything who goes by – so I didn’t realize there was a real purpose. All told, she was out there maybe three minutes but when I got closer to the front door, I heard her knocking and when I opened the door, she was in tears. I felt awful.

5. Whoohoo! Tomorrow our office is letting us wear jeans again in exchange for a donation to a local autism charity. I love combining a casual Friday with a good cause. I’m pretty excited to be comfy while I work.

6. Sooo, it’s a holiday weekend. While I’m stoked for a three day weekend, my weekend predictably revolves around birthday activities. A party for a bunch of kids on Saturday and the actual birthday on Monday (be sure to take a break from your festivities to read my annual birthday letter to my daughter. I haven’t written it yet, but it will probably make me cry while I write it, and so it’s always a lovely and difficult post for me).

7. Sometimes you take a different route home and when you do you see a big cluster of daisies by the side of the road. So then you do some creative maneuvering to turn around to go back to shoot them. At least, that’s what I did.
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8. I’ve been trying to write more lately. I didn’t realize how much I was missing it until I put a deliberate focus on it. It’s good – if I can’t turn my brain off, I can at least distract it.

9. I still haven’t picked up my guitar in months, however.

10. My dog would bite my arm off if I ever tried to put clothes on him. And I’m sure a dress would conflict him quite a bit. This dog seems to be totally okay with the dress though. I am kind of curious just how extensive this dog’s wardrobe is.


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