Thursday Ten: Wearing Flip Flops in March edition

1. Okay, I know, brace yourselves: I AM GOING TO TALK ABOUT THE WEATHER. I hate to be so cliche, but OH MY GOSH THIS WEATHER! It’s been in the 70s and sunny the past two days. I wore flip flops this evening. The Princess and I went out for ice cream cones after her doctor’s appointment this afternoon. It’s March! I so love this.

2. Took The Princess to the allergist today to rule out food allergies. I think at this point, it looks like she’s not allergic to anything to the point where anaphylactic shock is a possibility… but it’s definitely looking like she has some food intolerances. Now to get that figured out.

3. Patches was waiting in the sandbox when Pumpkin arrived to school on Tuesday. WHEW. He wasn’t even that smelly or soggy. Double whew.

4. Musically I’m late to the Lana Del Ray game. Loving “Diet Mountain Dew”.

5. Tomorrow, I’ll be photographing my niece for her newborn portraits. How excited am I? SO. EXCITED.

6. Flip flops in March means “Uh, whoa. Look at those feet. Might be time for a pedicure, hmmkay?” Seriously. I’ve been rocking the same teal polish for months. By “rocking” I mean it’s peeling and I think only three toenails have polish on them still. Man, I am so fancy.

7. I filled out my NCAA March Madness Brackets as I do every year. The ESPN app is going nutso with the push notifications – but so far, only one of my picks has lost, so booyah. Not bad for someone who doesn’t watch basketball.

8. I dropped a crock pot lid on my head last Friday. Some of you (Hi Kat) are just shaking your head, laughing and saying, “Oh Sarah, only you…” Well, yeah. I guess. It bled profusely (as head wounds are wont to do) and even though it wasn’t deep, it was kind of wide. I ended up getting my forehead glued together by Urgent Care and already, it is almost barely visible. I am such a klutz.

9. I’m VERY sick of election year already. Really, truly, terribly sick of it. And it’s only March.

10. I bought orange swirl roses this weekend. Have you ever seen something so funky? I had no idea roses could be so contemporary and fun and sassy. THESE are sassy roses.
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  1. *shakes head* A crock pot …. REALLY??! 🙂

  2. Glad your head is okay!

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