Thursday Ten: So is it in like a lion? edition

1. It’s March first. It’s been a mild winter and I don’t know if the whole “in like a lion, out like a lamb” thing applies – unless the lion part refers to the fact that winter – no matter what the temperature – is stupid, and yucky, and by the time we roll into April, we’ll be through the worst of it. I’m hoping. I could use a little more color outside. Like this flower.
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2. I haven’t bought any new music in the past week. Partly because my brain is a big pool of mush. What are you listening to? Any recommendations?

3. It’s official – though it may have been official last year or the year before (I’ll have to check my archives): American Idol, once they get past the whole audition process, has completely lost its appeal to me. I tried to watch last night but got so distracted by a performer’s bad dancing that I was baffled when the judges later gave her a standing ovation. Sure, fine, whatever – maybe she could sing, but WERE THEY NOT WATCHING HER?

4. One of my favorite things about a new month is turning a page in the calendar – literally. This month while I’m at work, my NYC calendar is now flipped to March’s page – a gorgeous view of the city from the Empire State Building. Love it.

5. There’s a lot of debate now with copyright issues and Pinterest – is it stopping you from pinning? Do you think they’ll change their terms of service? I know photographers have had a lot of back and forth debate about how they feel about it – seeing your work pinned and repinned without attribution is pretty much no fun – but to see that Pinterest’s TOS puts the burden of legal fees from any court shtuff on the user (even Pinterest’s fees!), well… Hmmm.

6. Craving a hot sandwich yesterday, I walked to a nearby restaurant that didn’t have what I wanted. When I said I wasn’t finding what I wanted, they immediately offered to make something customized just for me. I was pretty blown away. My sandwich was wonderful and now knowing how great they are there, I’ll go back. Can’t beat awesome service and staff.

7. (Clearly I’m hungry right now) One of the hardest things about no longer working from home is that meals are more often than not hastily thrown together and…boring. I need to start using my slow cooker more. I’m so sick of boring food.

8. Always with the camera. I love this shot that Lotus took in Nashville. I’m the one in turquoise.
Capturing Wishes #BD12PW

9. I just saw today that someone has been hired (hired? commissioned? contracted?) to write the sequel to Top Gun 2. Really. On the plus side, I guess the writer also wrote “The Town” (good movie) – on the downside: Top Gun 2? Why? I didn’t realize there was a need for that. Or a want for that. Unless they can find a way to bring Goose back, I’m not interested.

10. Nope, still no baby. Seriously wondering if she’s going to be all about making grand entrances her whole life. She’s got an impatient aunt waiting for her!

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