Thursday: Ten Centimeters* edition

See what I did there? This is not your average Thursday Ten post, mainly because it’s not my average Thursday. I became an aunt yesterday and I’ve truly got baby-brain right now, so I thought I’d change things up. I know, I know – some of y’all don’t like change… but I think you’ll be okay.

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Yesterday, with open arms and a heart even more open, I joined my sister and brother-in-law and multitudes of family members in welcoming a baby girl into the world. This baby, not even 24 hours old yet as of this writing, is already so intensely and amazingly loved by so many.

You know how we all anticipated her birth – how I left Nashville early so as not to miss the moment where we could first see her face and hold her in our arms. Even though she came several weeks after I arrived home from Nashville, standing in that delivery room made me more sure than ever that I had done the right thing by coming home. I can not imagine having missed that moment – I am forever changed by having been allowed to be in that room to witness her birth.

When my sister asked me months ago if I would be in the delivery room to take photos (of the baby, not her crotch – she was specific), I was honored. I remember reading her email, crying at my desk feeling blessed to have been granted this entry into such a life-changing moment for her and her husband. It wasn’t until I stood watching her give birth to my niece that I remembered how truly vulnerable the process of giving birth is – how primal it can be and how open you are (and not just physically!). Moments before my sister began to push, she was racked with nausea and helplessly vomited over and over into a bedpan held by my mother. Birth is like that – y’know? You’re just at the mercy of your body. Once you’re in it, you’re in it til the end – no matter what happens. It can be tough if you’re a private person.

She called me yesterday just before lunch to tell me she was in labor – and I all but sprinted out of the office. “It’s BABY DAY!” I whooped. I have been carrying a full camera bag with me everywhere for weeks, so I was ready. I arrived at the hospital and once she had a room, I was able to go in.

When you’re in the delivery room and you’re not the one in labor, there’s a whole lot of sitting around.

There’s also a lot of comforting, fetching ice chips, soothing a sweaty brow with a cool wet cloth, encouraging, hand holding, laughing, and yeah, sometimes swearing.

I’d like to think I kept my composure – I’m pretty decent in those situations. Get things done. Not a whole lot of emotion. But as I stood by my sister’s side as she got ready to push, my hands trembled as they held my camera and I wondered if I would even be able to take pictures with my hands trembling like that.

There was a full house in the waiting room – just ready for this baby girl to make her debut. And she did, calmly and without a cry at 7:19 p.m. weighing eight pounds, ten ounces. My sister held her daughter as my brother-in-law cut the cord and when the nurse whisked her off to take her vitals and to try to clear out the gunky lung stuff (that’s why that cry is so important!), I stayed by my niece’s side, taking photos, touching her soft baby hands, smiling and just feeling my world change.

It’s funny because I’ve birthed my two kids – I’ve been there – and I have my world transformed both times the second I met each of my daughters… I didn’t expect that to happen yesterday. I knew I’d fall in love with that baby, sure, but I didn’t know how much being granted entry into such a private moment would mean to me. How truly blessed and honored I felt to have been by my sister’s side through it all.

It was amazing.

It was absolutely amazing.

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  1. And now I want another baby…
    (Don’t tell Marsh!)

    She’s gorgeous! Can’t wait to see her newborn pics. 🙂

  2. Great picture!

    Are your girls over-the-moon ?

  3. so aweseome! it gave me chills. i cannot WAIT to see your pics!

  4. congrats, auntie 🙂 what a lovely story.

  5. This is why I selfishly hope my sister has a child someday. I’m at peace with it if it turns out that it’s not what she wants but I would be lying if I said I wouldn’t be disappointed.

    So very happy for you and your sister and brother-in-law and the whole family!

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