Frosted Oreos (ON A STICK!)

I think Pinterest is pretty amazing for a lot of things, and sometimes I see things that spark great ideas. I’ve seen great recipes and lovely photography inspiration pins. And then sometimes I see things I want to try – like those sassy Oreos on a stick.

The problem? That pin linked to somebody’s blog post with just a picture of the cute desserts. No how-to, no tips, no nothin’. Well. Shucks. That doesn’t help.


So let me tell you about ’em, huh?

First things first. You’ll need Double Stuf Oreos. Reason? Even if you get the skinniest lollipop stick, it’s too thick for the regular Oreos. It will break EVERY. SINGLE. COOKIE.

So, if you’re with me so far – Double Stuf Oreos. Lollipop sticks.

You’ll want to microwave the Oreos for just a few seconds – for me, eight to 12 seconds was enough to soften the frosting in the middle enough to insert the lollipop stick.

Note: Putting that lollipop stick into the Oreo frosting? It’s still kind of a pain.


Next, you’ll need candy melts. Now… I used pink ones – these are for my sister’s baby shower tomorrow (shhh, don’t tell her!), so PINK was in order.


I melted this in the microwave also – start with a minute in the microwave in a microwave-safe container. Stir. They’ll probably need a bit longer in the microwave, so heat in 30 second increments until your candy melts have indeed melted.

Now? You’re ready to dunk your Oreos. It’s easy because they’re on the stick, you have a container full of candy melt, so dip, shake off some of the excess, and lay flat to set.


As you can see, I used a cookie cooling sheet. I did this so that some of the frosting would remain on the back of the cookie. The problem here is that you need to use caution when removing the set cookie from the rack (I used a butter knife to scrape some of the excess set-candy from the back of the cooling rack and then to gently pry the cookie from the rack).

More than a few cookies were lost until I perfected the “scrape the bottom of the rack” technique (Initially, I skipped that step. Many cookies were lost. It was sad).

So, you know. They’re wicked cute. If you like Oreos, they’re pretty yummy.

BUT, they’re a TEENSY-TINY bit tougher to make than they look on Pinterest. But y’know… now you know.

And knowing is half the battle.

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  1. What you would think about using the method used for cake pops after dipping? Take a large styrofoam block. Wrap in plastic wrap (so you can just unwrap when done and styrofoam will be reusable. The dip and poke the oreos on a stick to dry standing up.

    • They were very heavy, I don’t think it would be a good idea to try and stand them up. Sitting them down on the counter quickly after dipping was necessary for me.

    • They were very heavy, I don’t think it would be a good idea to try and stand them up. Sitting them down on the counter quickly after dipping was necessary for me.

  2. Thank you for these directions. I am going to make them for my daughters birthday.

  3. I made this last night- thanks for the tip about microwaving them first- I did 20 seconds. I also used pink double stuff Oreos, and I placed them on parchment paper on the counter, so that eliminated the problem of them sticking to the cooling racks. They peeled right off and had nice flat bottoms. I made them for my child’s class and I was expecting them to crumble with the first bite, but almost every pop held up while the kids held them and ate them, until like the last bite. I also couldn’t find the right cake pop sticks but had some plastic drink stirrers in my cabinet, and those worked great and were more colorful. They came out great- thanks for the blog. If I hadn’t seen your microwaving tip I’d be soooo frustrated w/ the dumb cookies breaking!

  4. Thanks for the great tips, I was going to skip the dipping step so I bought the already dipped.. Inserted a skewer, then the stick with white choc on it. Decorated, set and tried one. Immediate explosion and off the stick.

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