Thursday Ten: Don’t Look Down Edition

1. Lately, during my lunch break at work I have been venturing out on these mini photowalks. I take my camera and I explore the familiar world around me, seeking what is unfamiliar and looking for the unexpected. I spend a lot of time looking up. That’s where some of the best stuff is.
If you walk around with your eyes on the ground, sometimes you miss the beauty in the world.

2. My mom sent me the first draft of the family Christmas letter. Even though she’s an empty nester, she still writes a holiday letter that includes what everyone is up to. That letter? It’s BORING. It’s PAINFULLY BORING. And yet, she still sends it every year. Every year, I wonder is it depressing that the letter is so boring? That no one had any great adventures? Or is it that we all had a decent year – she just can’t make it sound interesting? Hmmm.

3. My sister’s ultrasound was last week Friday and it’s a…
058 | 365

4. I was able to do a maternity shoot with my sister this past weekend. I love photographing pregnant women (provided they stay clothed – I’m not super ready to jump into the game of “pregnant nude reclining on a leather sofa wearing a pimp hat” – wish I was kidding, but I’ve actually seen that picture. Oooh, Google search results will be fun now). I really love every opportunity I have to do photo work. Wish I had more time to devote to building that business.

5. I cannot believe it’s November already. Crazy, right?

6. I’ve got a couple of product reviews in the works and they may be in this space soon. Know a few things, mmkay? I’m picky about what I’ll talk about – I don’t make a ton of money promoting brands and their products. If something is awesome I’ll say so. If something is… less than awesome… I’ll say that too. For YOU, I sampled some pizza tonight and have been trying out some new hair care stuff. Both are winners, so far. So, yeah.

7. Yesterday’s weather was gorgeous. Sunny, mild, blue skies. Today? Gray, gloomy, windy, drizzly, BLAH. Guess which day I was in a better mood (HA! Trick question – neither day was fabulous!).

8. As of Tuesday, Starbucks has the red cups back. I wish I could explain what it is about those darn cups that makes me smile – but… they do. I hate snow, I hate cold, but… I love the holidays. They’re coming. And you can tell… because the red cups are back (well, and because every store has their Christmas crap out already).

9. The Project Runway finale was last week and… I wasn’t surprised at the winner. Do I agree? Meh. I don’t know. I only half watched, this season. Since I’ve started working, I spent Project Runway time half watching, half blogging (you know, the ONE POST A WEEK I can manage to write) – but the entire season seemed to lead up to that winner. I’m not surprised.

10. How are y’all today? You’re looking adorable. I love that color on you. Have you lost weight? Been working out? I can tell. You’re lookin’ sassy. Yeah.

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