Thursday Ten: A Morning Sunrise Is A Morning Smile Edition

1. I started this morning so distracted by the sunrise while getting my coffee that when I hit the road again, I pulled over and got out of the car (it was 30 degrees outside! Brrr!) to take some pictures. Considering that was the last time I saw the sun today, I’m glad I took a moment to appreciate it.
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2. I got a shellac manicure two weeks ago and it’s so solid and protects my nails so much that they haven’t broken or chipped (yay!) but now my nails are too long to type comfortably (boo!). Who knew this would be a problem?

3. Competitive gymnastics season starts soon for The Princess. When I picked her up from practice the other night, she was doing roundoff back handsprings and it was amazing how much better she’s gotten since the season ended in May. I’m awestruck and so proud.

4. My copy of Lightroom has arrived! Now to open the box and take the plunge…

5. I have been craving sandwiches for days. DAYS, I SAY. Of course, I’m lazy when it comes to packing lunches and  too lazy to go out for lunch. This presents a problem. I spend a good chunk of my days thinking about sandwiches.


7. Brrrr. Baby, it’s cold outside… and it’s only gonna get worse. Yuck. I hate winter. I hate Michigan.

8. Book club last night and our newest selection is… a book I’ve already read. (Don’t worry, I’m used to it). Not only is it a book I’ve read, it’s a book I’ve no desire to read again. Pfft.

9. So, everyone is an uproar about “they’re trying to call pizza a vegetable”. Well, they already do. They say the tomato paste counts as a veggie – so this isn’t new, it’s just the first you’ve heard of it. Does that make it right? Um, no. But none of us think school lunches are health food, do we? I mean, YES, they SHOULD BE healthier – Jamie Oliver showed that it COULD BE done… but government does some stupid stuff, and feeding people is not easy. Know a sure way to know that your kiddo is getting food that you know contains healthy ingredients? Pack his or her lunch. Maybe someday schools will get it together and do right by the kiddos – in the mean time, no one says your child has to eat hot lunch. [I’m not saying to give up fighting for healthier lunches for the kids – but stop acting surprised when you find out it’s garbage – it’s been garbage for a long time.]

10.  Song for the day? Ingrid Michaelson’s “Ghost”.

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  1. Love the photo of the sunrise!

    I keep thinking about joining a book group of some kind – but then remember about the Kindle sitting there, and the pile of books I want to read for myself… maybe when I go away this week with work I will only take the kindle, and no iPad or anything else that eats hour upon hour…

  2. Gorgeous sunrise! I don’t see those much. Night owl & all. ;p

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