Diagnosis: Earworm

I love music, and think in musical terms, and for me to get a melody, lyric or random bit from a song stuck in my head is not an unusual thing. And today? Today I’ve had Avril Lavigne’s “Wish You Were Here” stuck in my head. ALL. DAY. You know that song? The chorus is basically “Damn, damn, damn…” Anyway – the song itself isn’t rotten – it’s catchy pop. There’s a place for catchy pop. Today, the place was my head.

Nothing could get it out of my head.

Not listening to “The Thong Song.”

Not rick-rolling myself.

I think this may have done the trick, though.

This is kinda viral-ish lately because of the big to-do of the stop-motion and the jelly bean thing. Another catchy melody. (Here’s the link to the “Making Of” video).

So now Kina is stuck in my head.

Are you prone to ear worms? Do you have a go-to method for getting a song out of your head once it’s stuck? Did I just give you two new ear worms? I did? Damn, damn, damn…

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