Thursday Ten (On Friday. Some weeks are just like that)

1. This week has flown by and I feel like the world’s crappiest blogger, but hey, you know what? That’s okay! I’m not getting paid to be here! I’m here because I want to be and I write because I want to – awesome, right? That said, I like to write, I like to fill this space – so I don’t really like it when I haven’t written in awhile. I miss it. So… how are y’all? Good, right?

2. My eye decided to be a big jerk this week. My doctor and eye doc aren’t sure what’s wrong or what caused the intense stabbing pain – but whether it was an infection or something else, the result is my cornea is worn down. So, I’ve got lots of drops (ugh), and I can’t wear my contacts for awhile (double ugh), and my eyes are tired and ugh (ugh ugh ugh), but they feel like they might be getting better, so…we’ll see.

3. The ArtPrize Top Ten was announced last night, and I will have to write another post about it because while I’m pleased with a few of the pieces on that list, I am somewhat dismayed by the popular vote. As someone who spends a lot of time visiting a lot of venues, I sure do wish others would visit more besides the “big attractions” because there’s a LOT TO SEE OUT THERE, and I think some really phenomenal pieces were overlooked in favor of…crap. [Post to come in the next few days. I do have some favorites in the Top 10, so I know where my vote is going – but… people… get out there and EXPLORE.]

4. I was able to shoot an event last night – the first of its kind that I’ve been hired to do. I was very nervous going into it, but I felt okay while there, and I love some of my shots, and the people were fine. Though… shooting parties with buffets is tough – I refuse to photograph people putting food into their mouths or chewing – so…. once people started eating, it got a little more difficult to photograph things! And that’s when I’d shoot wine glasses on window sills.
029 | 365

5. On my way home from the event last night, the sky was an amazing orange color – I actually exited the highway so I could pull over and take a picture. There was also a rainbow in the opposite direction – but by the time I pulled over, it was gone. But this sky? Took my breath away. I never want to get to the point where a sunset doesn’t take my breath away.
I'm sorry, I can't talk right now - I have to pull over and look at the sky.

6. I haven’t had time to buy new music this week. Or listen to new music. Though, every time I turn on the radio in the car these days, I am amazed how similar everything sounds – all auto-tune and bass. My birthday is in less than three weeks – I must just be getting old.

7. MY BIRTHDAY IS IN LESS THAN THREE WEEKS. And I’ve gotten my first two birthday “cards” – from Victoria’s Secret and DSW Shoes. (“Happy Birthday Sarah! Buy stuff!”)

8. I’m really hungry and thinking of Qdoba. Just so you know.

9. I had to take The Princess to have her finger re-xrayed this morning. We waited an hour. AN HOUR. I wasn’t happy. Here’s hoping it’s healed though.

10. It’s pumpkin season. Pumpkin lattes, pumpkin muffins, pumpkin whatever. I hate the taste of pumpkin. Does it really need to go into everything?

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  1. you just make me smile. and no…pumpkin does NOT belong in everything 🙂

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