Thursday Ten: Hello Fall, You’re So Close, Hurry Up Edition

1. Happy September first. Can you believe it? I know there are those people who looooove summer, but you know I’m not one of them and I’m very excited about autumn. And my birthday. And cooler weather.

2. Pumpkin is in love with the song “Who Says” by Selena Gomez. The other day, I found her standing on the toilet, looking at herself in the mirror while singing it. Consequently, that song got stuck in my head for most of the day today. That makes for a long day.

3. So, my hair that I was fretting over? No one at work even noticed. I noticed. It’s very…poofy. But no one else noticed – so either it’s fine or it always looked like crap.

4. New music I’m listening to this week – Young Love by Ma Kearney (I received this for a review and I have only listened once through – so expect to hear more about this soon) and August & Everything After – Live At Town Hall by the Counting Crows. Kinda nice to hear all those August songs reworked and live, though, I’m only on the first listen of that one as well (what can I say? I’ve been busy).

5. I was late getting out for cardio last night – so late that it was dusk and then it was dark, and then with music blaring through my headphones and darkness in front of me… I walked right through a sprinkler. Man, that sucked. Fortunately my phone and iPod seemed to survive the impromptu sprinkling (whew!).

6. Yesterday was day 365 of my photography project. Three years, and I haven’t yet missed a day. I am pleased with how it turned out and I ended the year with a shot I’ve wanted to take for awhile – train tracks. Year Four begins today.

365 | 365

7. Book club this month has chosen Liane Moriarty’s What Alice Forgot. I tell you this in case you want to pick it up and read along with me. This is actually the second book we’ve read about an Alice who doesn’t remember so well.

8. Speaking of books – I am not reading so quickly these days. It’s taking me awhile to get through things and I think, well shoot, this having a job thing is going to get in the way with my reading.

9. This is taking me so long to write because I’m watching Project Runway right now.

10. Just a few more days until school starts – and while taking the girls to meet their teachers last night, I got to introduce The Princess to my old high school cheerleading coach (who might be older but is actually aging surprisingly well. Now I wonder how old she was when she was coaching!). And I didn’t have to remind her who I was, so I admit I feel slightly less old that I’m at least somewhat recognizable as some version of my 16 year old self. Somehow.

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  1. I love the Mat Kearny album!
    And the RR pic. So calm.

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