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*Also known as: Sarah wants to write something but she doesn’t really have any connecting thoughts, just several random ones, and you totally don’t mind because you know that Sarah is random anyway and hey, that’s why you’re here.

I had a writing teacher in college who was fond of saying that 80% of what we all write is crap – but that you have to write that 80% to get to the good stuff. It was then that I developed the habit of turning off my screen when I write – choosing to let the words flow out of my brain and through the keyboard rather than analyze, second guess and hinder my writing process. Instead, I wait for the editing process to sort through my words and phrases and see if the 20% happened to fall out of my head. Somewhere in that big mess of crap, can I find the good stuff?

Sometimes I can.

So – that is what I’m doing right now. My screen may be on, but when I write, I barely look at it. To anyone who has ever received an epically long email from me, now you know how I managed to do it: I wasn’t paying attention. Instead, I just tried to slow my brain to keep up with my fingers so I could dump the thoughts out.

My brain? It moves quickly. It’s a good thing I type fast.


Other things on my mind today include the relief I feel at being one dose away from completing this round of antibiotics for my sinus infection (sinuses are so sexy). I am still having that sharp shooting pain in my ear (OW) but the headaches? Gone. The pain in my face every time I took a step? That’s gone too. What do I have instead? A gross taste in my mouth like I’ve been licking pennies.

This is a common side effect of this antibiotic (Biaxin, or clarithromycin) – and it’s a tradeoff because it’s what works for me to make me not want to pull my head off my neck, and yet… It’s vile. Different doctors and pharmacists have told me different ways to ease this gross taste. One told me to take it with marshmallows. Another told  me chocolate would do the trick. My doctor told me as she wrote the script that she’d heard that taking it with cherry-flavored stuff would help. I picked  up my prescription along with a bag of Wild Cherry lifesavers.

Uh. Didn’t work.

Fortunately (heh), I complained on Facebook. A family friend told me she’d had the same problem during pregnancy with her children – that awful taste in her mouth (I can’t even imagine 40 weeks of penny-mouth). She said the only thing that worked for her was sour citrus flavored stuff.

Well, I LIKE citrus flavored stuff. I picked up a bag of lemon drop hard candy and while I’m sure my dentist is going to be pretty mad about all this sugar I’m eating… IT WORKS. Also: yummy.


I vlogged this morning. And I am still not comfortable enough with the whole vlog process to not pick everything apart. I had decided when I woke up today that it was a baseball-hat-wearing kind of day. Baseball hats are great for ease and for comfort, not so great for vlogging. Also, I lectured y’all about earth day.

If you want to know my thoughts about Earth Day, without seeing me rocking the ball cap and without seeing me chew gum (Note to self: No one wants to see you chew your gum), I’m more than happy to tell you:

I kind of like the planet.

Having said that, I think that’s why Earth Day bugs me – while I hope that people learn something today that they will carry on through the rest of the year and not just limit it to today. And if that sounds tree huggy it’s because sometimes I do like to hug trees. And I’d like there to still be trees to hug when my daughters are grown.

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