Thursday Ten: When It Rains It Pours Edition

1. Isn’t it funny how you could just be going on about your life and everything is fine and then suddenly there’s this figurative smack in the face and suddenly you’re bombarded with…STUFF?! Whether it’s work projects or life or whatever, seems like the saying, “When it rains, it pours” is definitely true. I’ve gotten a few things going right now – with work and prepping for travel, and it’s a little chaotic up in here. I’m not one hundred percent in my happy space – but I will be soon.

2. And prep for travel, I AM. Just a few more short days til I’ll be heading to Nashville. CANNOT WAIT.

3. I was trying to think, yesterday, of songs that were perky and that cheered me when I was feeling blue. The first song that popped into my head was “Dry County” by the B-52s. I still love this song. My mom and I listened to this album repeatedly as we road tripped from California to Michigan when we moved here in 1990. It still evokes memories of the road (the flat, boring, stupid road). What songs cheer you up?

4. In guitar lesson this week, we started playing Mat Kearney’s “Nothing Left to Lose” because I MAY BE A LITTLE EXCITED about seeing Mat Kearney next week. I love the song too.

5. I got a manicure today – SUPPOSEDLY this type of polish is some newfangled gel stuff from OPI that I should not be able to ding, chip, crack or peel. WE’LL SEE. I’m notoriously bad with manicures.

6. While I was at the salon, there was a horrible talk show on television. The topic today was something about “Men Who Lock Their Wives In Closets”. The salon owner was engrossed. I didn’t say this was a classy place. Also – who takes their man on a talk show about getting locked in the closet? You can call Joe Schmo at a reality show, but not the police? {Skeptical Sarah is skeptical}

7. I have a photo shoot coming up this weekend – I’ll be photographing a very lovely three month old. I’ll consider it a success if she doesn’t puke on me. I’m excited for the opportunity – she’s a pretty baby so it ought to be a cakewalk.

8. I cleaned out the spice rack today (I know, I know. My life has hit heights of fabulousness that you can only aspire to). WHERE DID ALL THOSE DAMN SPICES COME FROM? I’ve never used half of them. Onion powder? It was so old it was hardened in the bottom of the jar. Imitation vanilla extract? I KNOW I didn’t buy that.

9. Gearing up for an upcoming gymnastics competition – knowing what to expect helps a lot. The Princess isn’t nervous – per usual – but this time maybe I’ll keep calm, also.

10. I bought Giada DiLaurentiis pasta from Target the other day. I made it. It was pretty, but plain (hmmm. Gosh. Wonder if that was a coincidence). Long story short – get the cheap grocery store brand. No difference except Giada’s face isn’t on the box.

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  1. you are so funny!

    see you SOON!!!!!!

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