TIL Tuesday: Olay Total Effects Body Wash

Last week, the folks at Procter & Gamble gave me the opportunity to talk to Rebekah George, a guru of skincare and prettyness, about how to care for your skin during the winter. She had a lot of tips – and one of them was to not necessarily moisturize more, but moisturize better.

And then I got this box in the mail. And in this box was one of the products that Rebekah recommended: 7-in-1 Advanced Anti-Aging Deep Penetrating Moisture Body Wash (Say that three times fast).

At first I was like, “Whoa, what? Anti-aging? Are they calling  me… OLD?”

And then I was like, “Well, Sarah, you did just turn 34. You aren’t getting any younger. I don’t know if I’d call you OLD, but you’re hardly a spring chicken.”

And then I was like, “But, I suppose it couldn’t HURT to try this product. Maybe I can pretend that they really meant well, instead of as a subtle attempt to call me old.”

And then I told my inner selves to shut up and go run a bath.

This stuff?

It’s pretty nice.

Most importantly (to me, anyway) – it smells very good.  I have priorities – and while this is indeed scented, it’s not overwhelming or gross.

Secondly, this stuff is thick, but rinses clean and doesn’t leave you yucky and filmy after you get out of the shower.

And? Happily, it IS moisturizing. Which is good, because… well, it SAYS it is. Always nice when a product does what it’s supposed to do.

As for the anti-aging part – I don’t know if I look or feel any younger, or if my body looks or feels any younger, but I’m just happy to get clean and moisturized, really. Oh, and I smell amazing.

The body wash was sent to me at no charge to me, but the opinions and the obsession about my age are purely my own.

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