Thursday Ten: “Winter Has Came” Edition

1. For starters, I’m not (entirely) grammatically impaired – “winter has came” is from the movie Bambi. I can’t remember the last time I saw it, but I think of it when I see snow – and I thought of it when I took the puppy outside yesterday for his first glimpse of the snow. Yeah, we got a first snow of the year, and no, I’m not super enthused about it – but the dog likes it, so I guess that’s a good thing.

2. This week has been a busy one with trying to get some work stuff wrapped up as the end of the year (!!) gets closer. I admit, I got more than a little frazzled. I may have cried once or twice when I couldn’t quite get things done when I wanted them to. And I took time outs by making funny faces. Like you don’t?

3. I want to see “Black Swan” so badly – I haven’t been to a movie in a long while, and I generally like Natalie Portman. This movie looks pretty good to me. Are there any movies you want to see? (P.S. I’m still avoiding Harry Potter)

4. The Princess is mastering her round-off back handspring in gymnastics practice – and I’m so excited for her. In June, when she made the competitive team, she wasn’t nearly where she is now. It’s amazing how quickly these skills get mastered, how far ahead she is from where she was just months ago. It’s exciting to see the progress. And the confidence!

5. With these gray wintery days, I am reminding you all to be nice to yourselves, to treat yourselves kindly, and when you can, to infuse some color in your day. BUY YOURSELF SOME FLOWERS. They don’t have to be persnickety roses – a grocery store bouquet works the same magic. Trust me.

6. I think my sinus infection might almost be gone – which is good because for awhile there, things were not so pleasant. Especially that weird ramen noodle craving I was having. Where did THAT come from?

7. Guitar lesson went HORRIBLY this week. I hadn’t picked up my guitar in a week and basically, my mind went completely blank on everything. I just had to laugh – I mean, what else can you do at that point? I will practice this week (eventually). Next week’s lesson will go better.

8. Have you made much progress on your holiday shopping? My mission right now is finding toe socks for the girls – they both want them but I’ve only been able to find in adult sizes. I think I’m going to get them these funky pink striped socks. The Princess has been talking about getting “gloves for her feet” for a really long time now – I’d hate to disappoint.

9. In an attempt to not procrastinate the finishing of this post, I’ve had to pee for the past ten minutes – and I’ve held it all that time. You can remind me of this if I end up with a UTI in a few days. You can even do the “Told Ya So” dance.

10. As the year is drawing to a close, what have you found about 2010 that you hope follows through to 2011?

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  1. You scare me.

  2. Love your funny faces! The almighty Target usually has toe socks – though the thought makes my toes hurt!


  4. Oh how I miss Will and Grace 🙂

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