Weekly Winners, Week ending 9.18.10

These look like tiny beads ready to be strung onto a necklace

When the day gets to be too much, put on your favorite orange sweatshirt. And hide.

A little play before baking a cheesecake


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  1. Those Oreos look very enticing. Love the idea with the hoodie too. I need a new sweatshirt.

  2. God, how I would love to devour ever single one of those Oreos.

  3. oreo cheesecake?? omg, recipe please!!

  4. wonderful bunch of photos this week!

  5. great shot of hiding in the hoodie!

  6. I absolutely love the orange sweatshirt. I want one now!! I remember playing with those berries when I was growing up pretending to make a soup and such with them…they bring back memories!! Great picture of them.

  7. Love the berries! They do look like beads, how bizarre.

  8. I love the berry’s and that is a great photo of the water drips. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Oreos? Cheesecake? Be still my heart!!

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