Weekly Winners – Week Ending 8.21.10

I didn’t have an exciting trip to Chicago to make my weekly winners for the week more visually appealing, but there were some big events – including an anniversary (ahem), my grandfather’s birthday and (DRUM ROLL PLEASE!) the puppy got his splint off!

You can't beat starting your day with a gorgeous pink sky

Coloring at the birthday dinner for her great-grandpa

There was to be no exchange of gifts and yet... anniversary Chucks

He's kind of wobbly and unsure, but how fabulous to have that splint off!

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  1. SO glad the split is off!! That sky in the first shot… incredible. If I were driving and saw that, I’d run off the road staring in awe. Nature has, without a double, the best artistic abilities. 🙂

    And Happy Anniversary!

  2. I <3 sunrise/sunset photos. Love your morning shot, rather gorgeous!

    Surprise gifts rawk!

  3. Puppy doesn’t look as happy about not having his splint as I thought he would.

  4. Wow, what a beautiful sunrise!

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