Weekly Winners, Mackinac Island Style

=-\Though I’ve lived in Michigan for what feels like a hundred million years, there’s still a lot of it I haven’t seen. Case in point – this weekend was the first time I’d been to Mackinac Island. There are no cars on the island – so we spent a lot of time on our feet, walking – though we took a tour by horse-drawn carriage (horses pee A LOT, bee tee dub). Some people rode bikes – and there is no shortage of places where you can rent bikes… however it’s hard to carry a camera bag and ride a bike (Well, unless your bike has a basket. I guess that was a possibility. I could have gotten a baskety bike. But face it, I’m not really a bike-rider kind of girl. I’m kind of clumsy).

No cars on the island AT ALL. Bikes and horses and your very own feet are the primary modes of transportation.

I have never seen so many Adirondack chairs in my life.

The island really is pretty.


Sunrise on Mackinac Island. Two mornings of this beautiful sight was filling to my soul.

Island tour, here i come.

Watching the sunset while eating an ice cream cone. I could get used to that.

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  1. Beautiful shots, Sarah! Love that first one of the bikes, great DOF.

    Those are some sexy legs, my friend. 🙂

  2. These photos are breathtaking! The first two are my favs, but they’re all so awesome.

  3. That looks like the kind of place that makes you stop… really stop, take a deep breath, and LIVE a little bit more than we usually tend to allow ourselves. A laze-about place, if you will. Beautiful pictures, and a beautiful place.

  4. Beautiful stuff, Sarah!

  5. LOVE the island. I was just there a few weeks back, myself, but just for the day. Beautiful shots you took. I did discover sitting on the back porch of the library, thanks to the friend I went with. Very peaceful back there…not many people.

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