Thursday Ten: Anniversary Style Edition

1. It’s a TEN YEAR anniversary on Thursday Ten day. How’s that for awesome? Yep, ten years ago at this time I was hanging out in a big poofy white dress just waiting for things to get started. I’ve been looking at the pictures today – amazing how I thought my makeup looked good on my wedding day. I had it done. My lipstick is VERY dark – very “WHOA. Here comes Sarah’s mouth.” Anyway, this clip keeps coming to mind today, from Gross Pointe Blank. I love the way Jeremy Piven says “Ten years. TEN. YEARS. TENYEARS.” Love.

2. This morning, I went to the doctor for an incredible nagging pain in my ear. It didn’t turn out to be an ear infection, as I suspected, but likely just a cold. The doc recommended some decongestants: “The good kind. The kind that you get on a government watch list for buying.” So, I ended up jumping through major hoops to buy a huge box of Advil Cold & Sinus. Dear Government: I promise to not make meth with it.

3. With school beginning in just a few weeks, I still haven’t heard from the schools as to which teacher each of my daughters has, nor have I received the massive laundry list of things I need to purchase. Hey schools: don’t wait til the last minute. I spoke with a teacher who lives down the street and he says that even the teachers haven’t gotten their class lists – which is weird. I don’t like last minute stuff.

4. We’re hoping to get the pup unsplinted on Monday! It’s been a VERY LONG MONTH of having a splited, lopsided puppy, and we’ll be very glad to have him back to “normal”. The vet said his leg will be very tiny at first – going to take about two week to build those muscles back up. There will be much documentation of shriveled puppy leg, because… c’mon, this is me we’re talking about.

5. What are the downsides to be a curly-haired gal in the summer? Well, I spent forty minutes trying to find my hairbrush for one. See, normally, I use a wide-tooth comb post shower, add product and am done with my ‘do. Today? I thought maybe I would get fancy and straighten it – something I typically don’t do in summer because humidity makes things a bit poofy. I haven’t used a hairbrush since June though. (I found it under my bed)

6. Project Runway – I am already establishing favorites though I’m still just distracted by Heidi Klum’s hideous haircut. Heidi, Heidi, Heidi. What’s your deal?

7. One of the first things I did upon arrival in Chicago this weekend was to get a sandwich from Potbelly’s. It occurs to me that I have certain favorites in certain places – can’t go to Traverse City without getting an ice cream cone from Moomer’s, for example. Do you do that – do you have places you always HAVE to go when you’re travelling?

8. My chaotic book club just decided to change the book mid-month. WHUT? The girl who picked the book decided it was “a snooze fest” and didn’t want to keep reading it. I didn’t realize we could do that – and wish that we’d known about that apparent veto-power rule months ago  (yawn), but I’m kind of annoyed now – I like the book and I am not going to stop reading it in order to read “Eat Pray Love”. Which brings me to….

9.  I have NO desire to see “Eat Pray Love”. I don’t want to read it, I don’t want to see the movie. And the author? She maybe might want to count her blessings on the kindness of the folks who cast that movie because Julia Roberts playing her? Quite a compliment.

10. My kids have spent the past two days fighting in various ways, various reasons over Barbie dolls. This is my “STOP FIGHTING ABOUT BARBIE” face.

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  1. Yes! I found the episodes online so I’m all caught up and I definitely have some favorites as well. And yes – I agree about the hair cut – not my favorite.

  2. I love the bickering face!! Ironically, I couldn’t find my straightening brush this morning either. Darn summer hair!

  3. I wish my “stop bickering” face was half as cute as yours!

    Happy Anniversary!

    Glad you don’t have an ear infection!

    When we drive to Northern Virginia (usually on our way to PA), we always have to stop at The Apple House in Front Royal, VA to get apple donuts and the BEST sparkling cider ever made.

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