Thursday Ten: I’ve Missed Tim Gunn So Much Edition

1. Whew. Project Runway season eight begins tonight. Yeah, I never got into the show “Lost”. Or “24”. Or “Mad Men.” But Project Runway? I love. Tim Gunn? I love. Can’t wait.

2. For those of you in the midwest, you’ve no doubt heard that there was an oil spill in Michigan. In fact, ONE MILLION GALLONS OF OIL may have been spilled. Devastating. Right now, they are trying to keep the oil from working its way into Lake Michigan. News reports say that Enbridge, the company responsible for the pipeline that leaked, has been cited several times in recent years for violations in the Great Lakes region. Now, I’m not one to get all politicky (I’ll save that for others who are far better at it, and far more informed than I am) — but seems like we heard similar things about BP. The way these companies are monitored seems wholly inadequate, and it’s our natural resources and our wild life that pay such a huge toll for irresponsible business practices.

3. On a lighter note, Pumpkin had a fantastic birthday on Tuesday and has been playing with all her new birthday loot and wearing new birthday clothes daily. Admittedly, that’s one of the best parts of getting clothes for one’s birthday: getting to wear all fresh new gear for awhile.

4. If you follow me on Twitter, than you probably already know that on Sunday before Pumpkin’s birthday party she was playing with the puppy, lost her balance and landed on his leg. He has a green stick fracture in his right hind leg and he’s bandaged up pretty good. He seems to be recovering well – but it makes me nervous – he bounds around like all of his bones are perfectly fine. Yes, that’s probably an okay thing – but remember, this is a puppy in a big puppy cast-like wrap. It just looks… sad.

5. Still plugging away at the 200 Situps and 100 Pushups program. Are you doing these too? If so, let me know how you’re progressing. Admittedly the situps are way easier. In five sets of situps today, I managed 171 situps. The pushups, however, I am procrastinating and will do later. Much, much later. And the app is functioning perfectly now – so it must have just been a glitch.

6. In the Nook/Kindle battle, I had just about decided to purchase a Nook – and then… Today Kindle announces a new version of Kindle* which looks… much Nookier. Still think I’m leaning towards a Nook though.

7. Alot of people are gearing up right now to venture off to NYC for BlogHer ’10. I’m not going – but I hope y’all have fun. I really fell in love with parts of NYC (yeah… parts) while I was there this spring – and would love to see it again… but, it’d be hard to justify a second trip so soon.

8. I have had “one of those weeks” where I’m just an irrational grump. Ice cream hasn’t helped. Workouts haven’t helped (though, go Jillian Michaels’ Shred – my quads have been on fire for two days). I hate those times when I’m moody. It’s no more fun for me than it is for the people around me.

9. Swim classes are OVER! Pumpkin did alright – she’ll need to remain in that level for another round (for some reason, she didn’t want to put down that pool noodle and try to swim without it). That’s alright. I don’t need or want her to be an Olympic swimmer. If we can just keep building her basic swimming skills so she’s comfortable in and near the water, I’ll be happy.

10. Tonight is book club – we didn’t end up meeting in June and so now, we’re discussing two, two, two books in one (night). The Nicholas Sparks book is on my shelf – I bought it and never read it. The book for July, well, I’m half way through rereading it. I’d read it before, but… honestly, I’m going to be a horrible contributer to tonight’s gathering. Oh well. Maybe there’ll be french fries.

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  1. Have you seen this:

    So sad but so cute. In a really sad way.

    Hope the puppy is alright (they’re expensive, huh?) and Pumpkin is enjoying being five!

    Oh, also? The grumpiness? ME TOO. To the max! I have been snappish at my coworkers, my fuse is so much shorter than usual and I’ve been practically making up reasons to be angry with Daniel, and I don’t know why! Ugh.

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