THERE’S a way to make laundry exciting

Okay, admittedly, I’ve become a little bit of a laundry nerd since I returned from my trip to Cincinnati for Fabric Care University.  I learned things that blew me away (things that you all probably learned from your parents when you first learned to do laundry, but I didn’t – I mean, my family is lucky that I even know enough to sort the clothes into different loads). At Target yesterday, I picked up a new detergent* and today – even though it’s NOT MY NORMAL LAUNDRY DAY – I decided to get all ridiculous and wash a load of brights.

So, I go about my business – add water, add detergent, add clothes. Not so many clothes that they can’t joggle around in the washer – apparently that part is important (WHO KNEW?!). When the washing machine stopped, I slowly gathered the clothes out and tossed ’em into the dryer. Once all the clothes were removed, I caught a glimpse of something shiny out of the corner of my eye.

I leaned closer to the washer.

Reached my hand in.

Pulled out a diamond ring.

Uh. What?

Yeah, I don't find it pretty. But I bet someone misses it.

I knew nothing about it. Hubby knew nothing about it. “Hey Princess, I just found a ring in the wash – do you know where it came from?”

“Oh yeah, a kid gave it to me.”

“What kid?”

“Some kid from my school.”

In what can only be described as one of those mind-numbing conversations where I tried to get her to spit out the story and she tried to not say anything because she knew she shouldn’t have the ring, I found that a boy in her class had given it to her – I found out his name and then told her: “This has to go back. Someone probably misses it.”

The boy’s family isn’t in the phone book so I left a message at the school letting them know who I was and what the deal was, and asking the school if they could pass my number on to the boy’s parents as I would surely like to return to them what is theirs.

Whoo boy.

I thought I had a few more years til boys were plying my daughters with jewelry. (I also kind of thought that once it happened, it would at least be pretty jewelry but it’s all a matter of taste and I’m sure someone misses that marquise cut diamond ring. Even though, hmmm, maybe she lost it on purpose?). We had a talk today, about accepting things from friends – accepting gifts. When it is a big gift like that how The Princess needs to say that she can’t take it – that it’s too much.

The only jewelry I want her to accept right now should be made out of Froot Loops and candy and not involve the 4 Cs or anything remotely related to the 4Cs.

Laundry just got a whole lot interesting for me today. In the future, though, I hope to only find whiter whites and sweet smelling towels. I’d rather find no more jewelry. Unless it’s for me.

*I can’t tell you how my laundry came out because it’s still sitting in my dryer where it will stay until I need to put a new load of laundry in there. I’ll report on it then.

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  1. you’re going to make someone’s year when you return that!

  2. Dayum. I need to do more laundry.

  3. That is so much better than anything I’ve ever found in my laundry!

  4. Since it’s her 1st ring from a boy, did you take a picture of it on her finger ? 😉

  5. Maybe I’d be more inclined to do laundry if I found sparkly things in the wash, even sparkly things that don’t particularly appeal to me.

    I’m terrible at laundry. Like you mentioned, mine stays in the dryer until we’ve either worn all the clothes that were in it by grabbing them each morning or until I have to switch something from the washer. It’s gotten to the point where my husband is promising sexual favors if I do and put away all the laundry.

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