Thursday Ten: Elderly Woman Behind a blah blah blah Edition

1. I love Pearl Jam. Actually, let me amend that. I love the older Pearl Jam stuff. The whole “Ten” album? LOVE. IT. And I love a lot of Vs. From there, I kind of loosened my grip on my PJ love. But in guitar today, I started learning “Elderly Woman Behind a Counter in A Small Town.” Um. I think that’s what it’s called. You know which one I mean, right?

2. I’ve been meaning to mention this for awhile. Look over to the right. You see those awesome buttons – shaped like iPhones? That’s the work of Linda. Awesome, right? I love ’em, and she’s like the queen of buttons.

3. New music this week? Mishi (SecretAgentMama for those who aren’t fully aware of her awesomeness) posted Sleeperstar’s “Texas Rain” this week and it’s been in my head ever since. Awesome song. Also, Eminem has a new song. I know – it’s a weird eccentric mix of music on my iPod… but I kinda like it that way.

4. The Princess came down with a one-day bug on Tuesday. Tuesday night, as she threw up in her bed at 11 p.m., I knew for sure I’d be keeping her home yesterday (even though she woke up feeling fine). She’s fine now and back at school, but it’s hard when our kiddos are sick. And boy, I can handle a lot but puke? Ugh. (And I’ve washed that comforter three times and all I’ve gotta say is this: If your kiddo has a chocolate cupcake, you better hope he or she doesn’t get sick that day… because that may NEVER come out).

5. You are probably aware of the devastation that has occurred from the flooding in Nashville. I’m glad that my friends who live there are safe and were spared some of the worst of the damage, but… there’s still a lot of work to be done there. If you’re inclined to help, be sure to check out the Nashville Red Cross.

6. These hockey playoffs are killing me. Seriously RedWings… get it together.

7. My 50 mm lens arrived in the mail today. I won’t let myself open the box until I wrap up everything on my to-do list. You wouldn’t believe how fast I’m typing right now.

8. May is shaping up to be a very BUSY month. All this year-end stuff for school is making my calendar look a little bloated. Is it just me? Today was a kindergarten visit, tomorrow is “Special Person’s Day”.

9. I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention Frappuccino Happy Hour – starts tomorrow at Starbucks. (I swear they don’t pay me to promote them. I just do.).

10. I have Project Runway withdrawal and American Idol is boring. So, I’ve been reading a lot. This month’s book club selection (“Half the Sky”) is better than I’d anticipated, but it’s a pretty rough read – and so I have to read in small doses. I am trying to split my time between a few different books, and consequently, I’m not finishing any of them. Sigh. Are you reading anything good these days?

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  1. Happy hour at Starbucks??? Oh I must go! And Red Wings? sigh… how about the Blackhawks??

    • How are the BlackHawks doing in the playoffs? I haven’t even been following it all!! How are they doing?

  2. I have “make it work Thursday” withdrawal as well. Sooooooo sad it’s done.

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