Weekly Winners, Chicago Style

I sure do love Chicago – so my weekly winners are a few of my favorite snaps from the Windy City. For more weekly winner awesomeness, visit Lotus, and the other participants of Lotus’s Weekly Winner carnival.

I got the Windy City Martini. Up 96 floors, a drink was kind of in order.

This is what a windy city martini looks like. Isn't it pretty and pink and fun?

Breath taking, nausea inducing view.


Lovely view. Chicago is one of my favorite places to be.

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  1. I love Chicago a lot, too! We should go there together someday!

  2. wait, do i see my kids in that aerial shot?

    great shots, hope to see more! I know you took a thousand…

    • Yes. That’s them over there. No, not right there. THERE. A little to the left. Yeah, they’re the ones fighting. 😉

  3. I LOVE this series, Chicago with your head in the clouds!!

  4. Great shots of Chicago. I love the so tall building shot.

  5. Wonderful shots! I’ve only been to Chicago once, but I hope to get there again soon. Love the shot of the Sears tower (or whatever they call it now.)

    • That’s actually the John Hancock Building.

      On another trip, maybe I’ll get the nerve to go up to the Observation Deck on the Sears Tower (Willis Tower now – crazy, right?). The glass floor makes me a little pukey when I think about it though!

  6. SO much fun, Sarah.

    Yes, definitely a drink kind of thing 😉

    That first shot is all kinds of awesome.

  7. Gorgeous! And you can cross something off your list, right?

    I love that view, but I would be shaking. I don’t claim to be afraid of heights, but it always hits me once I’m off the ground.

    • Yep! It gets crossed off my list – I’ll write that post tomorrow, I’m sure.

      I couldn’t get too close to the window to take pictures – admittedly I had this fear like, “What if the window pops out?” I know, it makes ZERO sense, but…

  8. Love that view!

  9. Love the aerial shot of the city! Beautiful skyline shots too.

  10. I love Chicago and all things that come with it. Great pictures!!!

  11. Love your pics! You’ve got a great eye!

  12. I love Chicago!! These photos are awesome. Makes me want to throw my husband in the car and make the 3 hour drive up that way!

  13. To me Chicago was the most beautiful town in the States architectural wise. I loved these big skyscrapers with golden ornaments.

  14. Saw your comment at Rude Cactus about your Dell Inspiron being a POS right out of the box. I also have a Dell Inspiron 1520, and had the same general problem- it was slow, laggy, would freeze up any time I opened any program and had to be force rebooted.

    My solution was to reformat the hard drive, reinstall windows, and only install the drivers and software that I needed. Half of the discs they sent me have never been used. Since then it runs very well, has only frozen maybe twice in the last 2 years, and is fast and responsive 98% of the time. Basically comparable to my home-built desktop that I’ve never had problems with.

    Just something you might consider if it is running really badly.

    Great pics in this post too!

  15. Chicago looks amazing! The view is incredible. I’m looking forward to a visit there someday… and a martini. =)

  16. My jaw dropped at that first shot. Brilliance right there.

    Chicago looks amazing! One of my dearest friends is from Chicago and she keeps saying she’s going to take me some day. Now I really can’t wait to go!

  17. Love the first shot. Chicago is such an awesome place!

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