Weekly Winners – Catching Some Fresh Air Edition

Y’know I love me the Weekly Winners. I love visiting Lotus to see what awesome mojo she’s worked with her camera all week, and then visiting all the participants and seeing what they’ve got going on. It’s pretty awesome.  So visit Lotus and check out the other peeps of the week.

A dock on a sunny day.

Who says money can’t buy happiness?

Going up?

An evening at the park

First iced latte of the season – cause for celebration, no doubt. And yes – I keep dental floss in the console of my car.

At the car wash, yeah.

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  1. Brilliant shots! I love the car wash photo – very trippy 😉

  2. Very nice pictures, but the car wa

  3. Very nice pictures, I like the car wash, that’s original and creative !

  4. Oh I love the one at the car wash. What fun!!

  5. I’m with the others… love the car wash snap.

    The first one, of the dock, is beautiful. A lovely, quiet scene.

  6. The colors in that car wash pic are pretty remarkable.

  7. great perspective on all of these!

  8. Thanks for making me crave some Chipotle. Next week, I’m going there. Trader Joes and Chipotle. It’s on!

    • I am insanely in love with Chipotle, alas… we don’t have Trader Joe’s anywhere nearby. Surely I am missing something great, huh?

  9. Nice and peaceful…. =)

  10. that car wash shot is awesome!!! i also especially love the empty swings. great composition.

  11. Love the swings and the car wash shots… but I’m with you. Barnes & Noble + good Mexican food (never actually had Chipotle, but I hear good things!) = LOVE!

  12. Oooh! Barnes and Noble! I love that place!!

  13. You will soon find me sitting on that dock in the sun. Watch out!

  14. Love the steps and the car wash!

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