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Weekly Winners – Catching Some Fresh Air Edition

Y’know I love me the Weekly Winners. I love visiting Lotus to see what awesome mojo she’s worked with her camera all week, and then visiting all the participants and seeing what they’ve got going on. It’s pretty awesome.  So visit Lotus and check out the other peeps of the week.

A dock on a sunny day.

Who says money can’t buy happiness?

Going up?

An evening at the park

First iced latte of the season – cause for celebration, no doubt. And yes – I keep dental floss in the console of my car.

At the car wash, yeah.

Dear Tooth Fairy:

Dear Tooth Fairy,

The Princess has been wiggling this tooth for a few weeks now. Today, she ramped up her efforts: wiggling, twisting, turning that tooth until one side came unanchored (is that a word, Tooth Fairy?) from her gum and the tooth hung crookedly by one side, roots exposed.

It’s been like a car wreck, Tooth Fairy. I’ve been watching her wiggle the tooth, blot away bloody gums, and try to numb the gum with ice so she could just yank the damn thing out.

She was finally successful thirty minutes past bedtime. She was supposed to be sleeping, but as I figured she would be, she was in her room with a book in one hand and the other hand wiggling that tooth.

She came downstairs to show me and then managed to drop it. We spent TWENTY MINUTES trying to find this tooth, Tooth Fairy – twenty minutes with a sniffling, sobbing kid with a bloody hole in her gum sobbing because without the tooth, she didn’t think you’d leave her any cash. I tried to tell her that I thought you would, that you would just KNOW that the tooth had fallen out and that you were kind of awesome and that you’d still come by. She was reluctant to believe me and said she hoped I was right because she was “kinda low” on money right now. Seriously. The seven year old is low on money.

Anyway, I found a lot of stuff in my efforts to find that tooth. Mostly saltine cracker crumbs. I thought those looked enough like a tooth that we could maybe fool you with a decent size crumb, but she wouldn’t let me. Eventually, I flexed my mama muscles, and moved the couch to the middle of the living room.


The tooth.

It’s now under her pillow, so could you make sure you DON’T FORGET TO COME AND LEAVE THIS KID SOME MONEY?

Also, I think maybe you should leave me a little something for my efforts as well. I like cash and peanut M&Ms.



Thursday Ten: It’s Iced Latte Weather Edition

1. Awwww yeah. After guitar lesson every week, Pumpkin and I hit the Starbucks drivethru. You see, I bribe her with chocolate milk if she can hang tight during my lesson. She sits in the practice room with me and my teacher and sometimes gets a little bored (totally understandable). Today, instead of my usual cappuccino I got an iced latte because – WHOA – this weather definitely called for it.

2. Still working on “Falling Slowly” in guitar – every time I hear it, I get kind of giddy – it’s one of my favorites (and the top most played song in my iTunes).

3. And with warmer weather comes… SKINNED KNEES. Pumpkin just wiped out wearing shorts for the first time in 2010. Guess I’d better stock up on bandaids.

4. HEY, Have you read about the PHOTO SCAVENGER HUNT yet? Definitely a fun way to raise money for a great cause.

5. This season of American Idol? It’s really boring. I said that last week too. Though, I did love the acoustic version of Chris Brown’s “Forever” this week.

6. Song of the week? Someone posted an audio of “La Mar” by The Beautiful Girls which is really got a mellow Jack Johnson-y flavor to it. I love Jack Johnson, so yeah, I’m loving this one too – and look at that beautiful ocean.

7. That video reminds me that I really want to learn to surf. Know what bothers me most about the thought of surfing? Getting water up my nose. And I’m sure that would happen – maybe even more than once.

8. The iPeriod app for the iPhone is pretty freakin’ accurate. Which is fabulous. *Sob* Can someone give me some Cheetos, please?

9. Do you ever get on a food kick? I made french bread the other day and since have been wanting these fabulous oven roasted turkey sandwiches on slices of warm french bread with just a smidge of spicy mustard. And I just want sandwiches. Lots of them. (Sigh. See number 8).

10. Warmer weather means it’s shorts weather. I hate shorts. I wonder when I stopped loving shorts – because I remember being so excited when the weather broke, the sun came out and I could uncover my knees, but now? Bleh. Shorts? Yuck. Last summer, I decided to skip the whole shorts hooey and wear summery dresses – it was a nice alternative, but not necessarily very practical. So, capris it is.T