Thursday Ten: Snowmageddon or Snowpocalypse?

1. Hey West Michigan, I see you’ve got some snow coming down. While it is a pleasant change of pace that the weather forecasters were correct in their prediction of a whole buncha snow, the problem is that we’re now left with… a whole bunch of snow. The dude who plows our driveway hasn’t shown up yet – and I really hope he does sometime before the sun comes up tomorrow or else it’s gonna be pretty messy out there.

2. First guitar lesson of 2010 today! I missed it so much. Didn’t learn much, but frankly, I needed a catch up lesson to remind me what on earth I was doing.

3. My BE THE MATCH kit came today for the National Bone Marrow registry. Took mere minutes to swab my cheeks (four times, four diff swabs) and repackage the kit and seal it to return it. SO easy. If you haven’t already signed up, visit to do so.

4. I watched the premiere of the new season of The Biggest Loser the other night. This is one of those shows that I don’t watch all the time, and when I do watch, I turn the channel before they vote someone off because that part of it isn’t interesting to me. What is interesting to me is watching the transformation these people go through – both physically and emotionally. Admittedly, I would love to be in a gym getting trained by Bob or Jillian (though personally, I prefer a trainer somewhere in between the two, stylewise. I love to see the first episode though, when they’re puking in the gym and then they hit the scale that first time with double digit losses and they get all excited and weepy and, okay… so it’s possible I take it a little too seriously.

5. I got an iTunes gift card for Christmas. I haven’t used it yet. Crazy, right? I don’t know what I want – I’m actually leaning towards picking up the Reel Director video editing app though – seems kind of neat to be able to do that directly from my phone. Technology makes me giddy.

6. Starbucks has relaunched their reward program – and this new program gets you free refills on brewed coffee, free soy milk, or free flavored syrups. Also a free drink after you’ve bought 15. No, this is not a sponsored post. I just like Starbucks (Hey, Sbux – call me).

7. Currently, I’m reading Up In The Air , the book upon which the George Clooney movie was based. The book itself is pretty good – but man, I have NO desire to see the movie (despite it getting decent reviews). Have you seen the movie? How was it?

8. Lately, I’ve been having prints made of some of the photographs I’ve taken. I just framed a huge picture of Pumpkin and the print of The Princess should arrive soon. Ideally, I’d love to have a complete photo wall someday – but not really sure I have enough wall for all the photos.

9. I made tea this morning on the way to take Pumpkin to school in efforts to keep warm in the cold while driving. It didn’t do much good since I walked out the door without it and it sat cooling on my kitchen counter until I remembered it right around lunch time. Craptastic memory FTL!

10. How’s the weather where you are? I’m hearing some of my southern friends with snow days and chilly unusual weather (for them) – how are you holding up? Yes, I’m asking you about the weather. It’s not AT ALL because I couldn’t think of a tenth thing.

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  1. That bone marrow thing is interesting, I’ll be checking that out.

    I’m in (and from) the South. We are wimps when it comes to cold weather and the “s” word. Two days of schools being closed with just a bit the white stuff on the ground. You Michiganers (Michiganians? Michganites?) would laugh your arses off at us if you could see what’s going on here.

  2. The wind chill this morning is -42. Fabulous.

    I hadn’t heard of the Be the Match program. I too will check it out!

  3. I am doing my bone ,arrow at the end of the month.

    You haven’t used your iTunes…. are you feeling ok??

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