It Had To Be…

Harry Connick Jr.

From one of my favorite movies EVAH.

Kind of looking forward to meeting him in a few weeks at BlissDom  – and not just because he’s ADORABLE. I’m hoping to not have the classic Sarah “I carried a watermelon” moment.

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  1. No way. You get to meet Harry Connick JR! What have I missed!?

    • Casey, he’s performing at a conferece called BlissDom in Nashville. He’ll be meeting and greeting all attendees and taking pics with all of us. I’m sure I’ll have ample opportunity to say something asinine – but I’m thrilled at the thought of making an idiot of myself in front of him. Loved him as Justin Matisse in HOpe Floats.

  2. Ha! I have had too many “I carried a watermelon” moments myself. And I can’t WAIT to see (meet???) Harry in a few weeks!!!

    • Mary, he’ll be taking pics with all of the BlissDom attendees from what I understand. (AND HEY! I want to meet YOU!!!!).

  3. Now I know what to do to get you through the flight. I will quietly chant “Harry….. Harry….. Harry…” Just so you know, what that really means if you act super crazy I will tell Harry!!! moo ah ha ha


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