1. It’s winter in west Michigan. Bleh. We’re on Snow Day, Day Two, and I’m not super enthused about the whole weather situation outside. Yesterday’s snow day was ridiculous – the roads were a little wet in the morning, but there had been no snow accumulation. It was as though the meteorologists hyped this “blizzard” we were getting so they felt the need to call things off yesterday. Silly. TODAY, on the other hand, well, I’m in COMPLETE AGREEMENT with the decision to have a snow day. The roads are rotten, the visibility is less than fabulous (blowing snow FTL), and it’s really freaking cold.

2. I’ve actually done alright balancing work with having The Princess home, though. I’ve gotten a lot done and even took a break from work to sweep and scrub all my floors. The house smells like Easter eggs (I use white vinegar for my floors), but it’s nice to have shiny floors.

3. This weekend is our annual cookie decorating party which means tomorrow? There will be MUCH cookie baking going on. I make two kinds of cookies – sugar and gingerbread. The gingerbread ones are my favorite. That’s why I use a Cooking Light recipe for them – because I eat a LOT of them in the whole process. I may or may not break some on purpose so I can eat the scraps.

4. I got a huge bunch of present wrapping done last night. The downside? I realized I had more gifts for Pumpkin than The Princess. This wasn’t intentional – in fact, originally it was the other way around and I think I stocked up on dinosaur gifts to “even” things out – and then tipped too far in the opposite direction. Now, I need one or two more small things to even things out. And I’m not sure what I want to get.

5. I’m also clueless as to what to buy my mom’s husband. And my brother. I’m so so so close to being done with my Christmas shopping – I’m hoping to wrap it up this weekend.

6. The movie The Lovely Bones comes out this weekend and I want to see it even though the book
was sad (to put it mildly). Anyone else planning to see this?

7. I think I need a cookie. Too bad I haven’t started baking them yet.

8. I’ve only half been watching “So You Think You Can Dance” this season, but I have to say I was pretty annoyed that the woman who hurt her shoulder managed to get enough call-in votes to go to the finals despite the other two having to be in the bottom two and “dance for their life” (egads – so dramatic). If I was a dancer who worked my heiney off all week in rehearsal and then dancing live, I would think I’d be mad that someone essentially got a freebie. OH, THE DRAMA.

9. Yesterday, Pumpkin refused to nap. At four, I count my blessings that she still naps at all but knew it’d be rocky trying to get her settled in when her big sis was home from school. Eventually, she asked me to put on the movie “Up” and then a little later, asked if she could cuddle with me. She fell asleep in my arms and stayed snug there for an hour (I turned off UP, and started watching the Top Chef marathon). It was nice – She’s such a cuddle bug. I made sure to snap several pictures of her snoozing – which is good because when she woke I said, “You fell asleep in mommy’s arms!” to which she replied, “NO I DIDN’T.” Contrary girl.

10. Green tea is not coffee. Not even close. Sure, it’s warm ant it even has some antioxidant stuff going for it, but… I wish I had coffee. (In the space of one post I am in need of cookies and coffee – must be time for an afternoon snack).

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  1. I am just aching to wrap presents. But holding out for now. The minute I wrap them I want them under the tree!

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