Thursday Ten: Talk to the Moose Edition

1. I am in love with the Gap’s holiday commercial. The girls kind of remind me of The Princess. I’m tempted to ask her to say “Moose, ah ah ah Moose!”

2. My guitar teacher was very cranky today. VERY. And that stinks – because it wasn’t that she was being snippy, it was that her general mood wasn’t pleasant. We all have days like that, but it stinks when it’s one of those things I look forward to all week.

3. I started learning Damien Rice’s “Volcano” today – the guitar part is not really the focal part of the song, so it’s kind of a different thing for me. Also, F CHORD. BAH.

4. After I left my lesson with my cranky teacher, I stopped at the Starbucks drivethru for a little pick-me-up. They accidentally made me two cappuccinos. They only charged me for one and gave me both. It was definitely a fun surprise, and yes, I tipped accordingly.

5. I’m meeting some friends for dinner tonight – and I’m so looking forward to an awesome meal that everything else I’ve eaten today might as well be cardboard. I’m starving and nothing will be as good as whatever fabulous thing I order tonight. I think I may well eat my weight in spaghetti.

6. Pink eye has hit our house. Not me. Not the kids. Hubby. Weird. As soon as he told me it was pinkeye, my eye started itching. So, I guess it’s not just the word L-I-C-E that triggers that physical reaction.

7. Waitaminute. That piece of gingerbread I just had? That may be as good as pasta. Maybe.

8. I’ve gotten a good chunk of my Christmas shopping done. The only person who we still need to shop for is Stepson. Fourteen year old boys are difficult to shop for. At least, this particular one is. What a weird age.

9. Pumpkin has taken to the belief that VW Beetles are “tiny cars” used solely for the purpose of “decoration”. We saw a red one in the parking lot of the grocery store the other day. She said, “Awwwww. How cute! Is it just for decoration?” I’m not really sure where that came from but it makes me laugh every time.

10. It’s supposed to snow in the next few days. A few flakes came down while I was driving home from guitar. I know it’s well within the seasonal realm for there to be snow now, but I just don’t want it. Not one tiny bit. Nope. Someone else can have the snow. Maybe I should temporarily relocate til spring thaws everything out!

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  1. Perhaps that’s the difference between boys and girls – girls thing VW bugs are for decoration, while boys think they’re an excuse to punch each other. 🙂

  2. HOW CUTE IS THAT COMMERCIAL!? OMG, I love it. Haven’t seen it here yet. Good thing, cuz I have to drive 300 miles or pay Shipping to shop there, LOL.

    And yes, 14 yo boys are way hard to shop for. 🙁 For me I think it’s not the age that’s so difficult, it’s the fact that it’s my step-son. While he may live with us full-time, I don’t know him like I know my own boys. (When Isaiah’s 14 I don’t think I’ll have a problem knowing what to get him!) Anyway step-son is getting a new skateboard (for a number of reasons, he’s lucky to get that one gift).

  3. LOL @ Mary! Every single day I hear from the back seat “Slug Bug, no returns!”.

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