Thursday Ten: Finger Picking Good Edition?

1. So, still working on finger-picking skills in guitar this week. “Dust in the Wind” is still heavy in the rotation – it’s actually a pretty good starting point, even though quite frankly, I’m sick to death of the song. Good news is that today I am branching out! Yes. Next song? Tracy Chapman’s “Fast Car”. Finger-picking (for those who might not know) is when you pick the strings with your right hand versus strumming). “Fast Car” has one pattern for most of the song – so if I can just get that down, I’ve pretty much got the whole song. WHOO!

2. A week from tomorrow is the rehearsal dinner for my sister’s wedding. This is the home stretch, y’all. I AM SO SICK OF THIS WEDDING ALREADY. When I got married, we paid for pretty much everything which, having seen this drama unfold, I am SO grateful for. When other people aren’t shelling out their money, they aren’t as free to shell out their opinions. The opinions will getcha every time.

3. In a moment of total frustration the other night – after hearing about how someone in the groom’s family had completely stomped my sister’s opinions AND feelings again – I wrote my speech for the MOH toast. Felt the need to show my sister some love – when she’s not been gettin’ much of it through this process.

4. New music this week – a friend of mine fed my music library again (I so love when she does that). Some Nadia Ali, Pixie Lott, and Harry Connick, Jr. I’m not sure about the HCJ – I don’t love it… but then again, the album seems to be mostly covers of standards, and that’s been done. SO done.

5. Starbucks has an app for the iPhone (two, actually). I downloaded one (it’s free) yesterday – and it’s pretty decent. I guess they’re piloting the ability to order and do all that from your phone. Not here, though, I don’t think. But, the locator will be nice — my BFF and I once spent hours on a road trip keeping our eyes out for the nearest one (NOT COOL, INDIANA.)

6. Grey’s comes back tonight… and it’s two hours tonight. And this is when I kick myself for not having DVR, because I’ll have to miss Project Runway and yes… these are totally first world problems.

7. Last week-ish, I purchased a MIX 1 Antioxidant protein drink. I love Mix 1 drinks – this particular one, however was… not quite right. I wrote them an email and they kindly replied to me explaining the problem with the high-fiber antioxidant drink was something that they are currently working on. They sent me some drinks to thank me for my email, and I can’t tell you how excited I am by that. I LOVE THESE THINGS. I buy these frequently – they’re great for when you’re on the go – and they count for your fruit/veggie servings too and I think these peeps are awesome for explaining to me what was going on with the other drinks on production and why it wasn’t 100% yet. The flavors I buy most often are Lime or Mango (Hubby’s partial to Blueberry Vanilla). I already loved these people – their customer service makes me love ’em more. And I can’t wait til they get the other ones right – I’ll definitely try ’em out.

8. Last night was Back-To-School Night at The Princess’s school. I’d been concerned because the spelling test she brought home last week was a ball of crazy (CAB, BUS, MUD??). The teacher clarified and explained the logic and I am feelin’ a bit better about things now. My concern with The Princess in school always is – Is she gonna be bored? Sounds like her teacher really has a good feel for trying to get to each child’s level so that they may be challenged and pushed to their potential. That makes me VERY HAPPY.

9. As some of you know, for my 101 List I am re-reading some “classics”. I am admitting defeat with “The Count of Monte Cristo”. I HATE IT. In six months, I haven’t even read 40 pages (I’ve still managed to read over 40 BOOKS though). What should I read in its stead and does anyone want a very gently used copy of “TCOMC”?

10. I had to get all my pre-yearly-physical blood work done last week for my upcoming doctor’s appointment. The lab results were mailed to me. My cholesterol? It is LOW. As in below the reference “normal” range. I’d like my gold star, please.

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  1. If no one else has claimed TCOMC, I’m down for getting a copy. I actually love that book a whole lot.

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