Something Old, Something New, Gotta Borrow Someone’s Shoes

We are in the homestretch for planning my sister’s wedding – the Big Day is about three weeks away and we’ve got a bachelorette party coming up (I’m a little bit scared about that, to be honest), rehearsals, rehearsal dinner, and today was the third of the THREE bridal showers hosted in my sister’s honor.

This shower, hosted by the groom-to-be’s awesome stepsister, was an awesome event held at a beautiful country club. The decor was simple yet festive, the food smelled terrific as we arrived, the centerpieces were potted perennials that my sister could take home and could plant at her new home. Perfection.


Minutes before the scheduled start time of the shower, my sister’s heel of her shoe SNAPPED OFF. The heel of her high heels she purchased less than 24 hours prior just snapped right off her shoe. UH OH.


Our first thought was, “Break the other heel off” – but the thing you might not realize is that when the heel breaks off a high heel, the front of the shoe curves up – almost like little elfin shoes. Not cute.

Okay. Glue?


Well, there were still nails or screws or whatever the shoe people used to hold the heel in place on the shoe – so the heel wouldn’t fit flush to the shoe despite the massive amounts of Super Glue used. The glue started dripping EVERYWHERE and it got a little messy.

My mom said to my sister, “Just take off your shoes and go barefoot!” and my sister was appalled. “MOM! This is NOT the kind of place you go barefoot!” I offered to let her wear my shoes – I knew they’d be a smidge big, but hey, I don’t mind going barefoot. Who’d be looking at my feet anyway? She refused.

But then the manager of the country club said, “Hey, I’ve got a pair of shoes in my car… let me go get them.” They were little small, but my sister put them on and was able to carry on with her shower. This woman definitely went above and beyond in loaning a basic stranger HER OWN SHOES, but she did it. And really? They were some pretty cute shoes.


After the shower, my sister put her broken shoes on and we drove to Target to return them. As we walked through Target, she still refused to go barefoot, instead clomping horse-like in her uneven shoes. As we wandered towards the shoes, I could hear the people behind us snickering and we’d turn around and fill ’em in on the weird shoe adventure.


In the end, she actually purchased the same shoes she’d borrowed earlier (in her size, of course). Adorable shoes, $20, Target. Here’s hoping these don’t break.

Beyond footware malfunctions, the shower was lovely. The food was great, most of the guests behaved quite nicely, and it was a pretty mellow time. Also, BEST. CUPCAKES. EVER.

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  1. Those shoes are QUITE cute! AH poor shoe but, great blog fodder, great family story and fun!

    Did I ever tell you that the day we were going to do my wedding portraits.. I was walking down my parents’ stairs and the heel of my shoe snapped and I nearly fell down the stairs? WE had to go to Payless in my wedding dress to buy new shoes because the bridal store was CLOSED that day.
    Oh yes… awesome 🙂

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