It’s 09/09/09… And it is LOVELY.

From the first moment I saw the video for The Beckoning of Lovely on YouTube I have been entranced by it – I loved the whole concept, the idea, the philosophy.

And now, the Beckoning of Lovely has grown into a living, breathing THING. I was able to join Amy Krouse Rosenthal and many others in Chicago for an Hour of Lovely this spring to hear more about this project and the next steps  Next stop? A Beckoning MOVIE. If you’ve never met or seen AKR in action, you may not know that she’s a creative, dynamic, energetic woman who has all kinds of ideas and I’m so in love with the idea of Beckoning.

The next steps are fundraising to make the movie happen. And in true “lovely” style, they’re hoping to fund via “universe funding” – meaning, Do you have two bucks? Can you spare two bucks? You can click HERE to donate via PayPal or find out where checks can be sent.

I’ve watched this closely from the beginning, and I can’t wait to see what happens from here. Whatever it is, it will be Lovely.

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