An Owner’s Guide To Ears: Don’t Put Little Stuff In ‘Em.


See that little thing on my hand?

That’s a bead.

That’s the bead that Pumpkin apparently put in her ear Sunday night sometime after she was tucked in. The Princess led her downstairs in a panic at about 9 p.m. telling us, “Pumpkin has something stuck in her ear.”


It was too far in to just flick out with a finger. It wasn’t going to fall out on its own. I called the afterhours number – and within minutes a nurse was on the phone with me telling me that we had to either get it out or bring her into the emergency room. In the mean time, Hubby called a neighbor who happens to be a physician’s assistant and asked if he could come over and take a peek in her ear. The PA graciously said he’d be right over (Awesome, right?).

The nurse recommended tipping Pumpkin so the ear with the bead was facing the floor. She then said to wiggle the ear around in hopes that the movement plus gravity would get it out. IT WORKED. Minutes later, the PA showed up with his handy-dandy tool kit — fortunately, we didn’t require his help…this time. I have no doubt in my mind that we should probably put the guy on speed dial, though. Just in case.

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  1. I totally thought you had said Bread when I read this before.

    Bead is sooooo much scarier!

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