Where I Get A Smidge Stressed


My sister’s bridal shower tomorrow and as the official hostess, I am now entering into a slightly panicked zone because methinks perhaps I should have been more organized in the weeks leading up to this, instead of just kind of kicking around thoughts and saying to myself, “I’ll get to it later.”

Cuz later? It’s HERE.

I hate bridal shower games so I’m doing a quiz – who knows my sister best — only… I haven’t made up the questions yet and I don’t have her answers yet. I have to get paper and pens together. And OMG – what if I forget to pick up the cake? I still have appetizers to make and a TON of food to transport. One of the other bridesmaids never did get back to me to confirm that she indeed had everything she needed to make the punch (fortunately, if this one falls through the cracks, we’ll be able to do beverages at the facility. Thank goodness).

I have to get there and make it look okay-ish. And I’m kind of worried about that, but then again, I don’t want to be. I want this to be a celebration for my sister for an exciting time in her life and I hate that I’m freaking out about stupid stuff. Her future inlaws threw her a very nice shower a few weeks ago (the exception to the “very nice” part being that they served carrot cake – BLEEEECH). And so I wanted to make sure that her family represented her well and had a nice little shindig in her honor.

But I think my brain wants to explode.

Wish me luck tomorrow – and if you see me on Twitter – REMIND ME TO PICK UP THE CAKE.

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