There’s An App for That?


The other night, a bunch of peeps posted screen shots of their iPhones (dorks we may be, yes). One of the things that it made me realize is that I haven’t really altered my phone a whole lot from its factory settings. For example, I almost never use the iPod function on my phone. I should probably move that little iPod doohickey somewhere else and sub it out with the Text function, because I use that one all the time.

Also, YouTube? That can get the boot to page four. I almost never watch videos – and if I do, it’s linked from somewhere.

But. I’m lazy.

What I will say is that I LOVE Shazam. It deserves its page one spot. The Weather Channel (free) app is alright, but their accuracy is pretty typical for weather peeps (which is to say that it predicted storms all afternoon yesterday and it was W R O N G).

I love the Voice Memo function (not shown, on my page 2) – and I use it often in guitar lesson, and to record goofy messages to my friends that I email (I fully embrace my dorktastic nature). I have apps for a lot of different things, but so few get regular use.

Sadly, (Men, avert your eyes) the cycle tracker gets regular use because it’s both fascinating and disturbing at the same time. Want to know when you’ll get your period every month for THE NEXT TWELVE MONTHS? Yeah. There’s even a little setting so you can email it to someone (I haven’t done this, though that would be a little like, “Hey You: Stock up on ice cream, Midol and then STAY OUT OF MY WAY!”).


ColorSplash is the one I mentioned in my Thursday Ten recently. You can take your pics to black and white, and then colorize certain elements pretty easily. I like it because it’s fairly easy and amusing. (Comfortini, anyone?).

I recently downloaded a To-Do list app, as well as the Couch to 5K app (in an attempt get back into the whole running thing since I’ve been a bit lazy about running this summer).

If you have a favorite iPhone app, tell me about it. What does it do? What makes it worthy?

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  1. one of my favorite apps is the USAA app.. USAA is our bank. Not only does it show account information but I can pull up our insurance cards, transfer funds, etc. The really cool (and most recent feature) is the ability to deposit a check via iphone!!

    you can check it out here –

  2. NobodySharpstic says

    My fave is the Fake Call app. Gets me out of meetings & tiresome conversations with John, the bipolar court translator.

  3. I use my ipod function all the time. I download audiobooks and listen to them while I clean house or walk 😉 I LOVE Shazaam!
    I have our bank app, and love it, the allrecipes app is cool and my kids LOVE the etch-a-sketch! I also, because I am a dork, have the handy level on there 😉 it actually does come in handy when I’m hanging pictures or shelves and can’t find Nate’s big level 😉 hee hee

  4. My favorite app by FAR is Kindle for iPod Touch. It’s the best for reading in bed when my husband wants to sleep and I still want to read!

    Urban Spoon is also kind of cool!

  5. Remember the Milk – lists, can call in reminders, use the web app too.
    Facebook, Tweetdeck

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