The Children Were Nestled…

My daughters are both curled up in The Princess’s bed right now. They’re sleeping soundly – Pumpkin and The Princess with their heads at opposite ends of the bed, sharing a blanket. After tucking them in, the girls asked if they could have a “slumber party”. The Princess qualified it by saying, “You know, until she annoys me or something and then I’ll send her back to her room.”

I said okay, figuring: This won’t last long.

And for awhile, I ignored the closed door and the light streaming from underneath. I ignored that I could smell the scent of nail polish wafting down the hall. Finally, though, I went in, turned off the light and turned on the radio lightly, telling them, “Okay now… It’s bedtime.”

Moments later, they were sleeping. In the same bed. If I could take a picture, it’d be a pitch black mess of nothing, but I know what’s there, and my god it makes me smile.

I know that inevitably, Pumpkin will wake up gruesomely early as she always does. Given their shared bed, she’ll likely wake up her sister far earlier than normal. I know that part is coming and I don’t look forward to it. But watching them sit in bed and giggle and talk and sing songs – It’s awesome and amazing and exactly those kind of moments I hope for when I found out I was having a second daughter. That they would have moments of closeness (I fully anticipate the moments when they want to rip each other’s hair out – they have some of those now, as it is) and be friends to each other.

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  1. I wanted to pass along a award that my friend gave me. I’ve enjoyed reading your blog. I like the new layout. We have had a busy summer so I have not been blogging much. Hope you are having a great summer!

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