Facebook Vs Babysitters: What I Opted To Do

First of all, y’all have amazed me with your feedback and comments about the babysitter talking about my children (Well, The Princess specifically) on Facebook last week. I have kind of waited to marinate on it – to see how I felt when the initial flash of anger/frustration/MamaBear-itis wore off. I didn’t know where I’d be or how I felt on the matter, but figured there was nothing I could do on Thursday that I couldn’t do in a few days from then. So. I waited.

And in the past several days, my daughters have asked me time and again, “When is MH coming?” and “Is it MH day?” Which tells me something – they really do like her a lot. For the most part, she’s very good with my kiddos.

So, I opted to send her a message letting her know that I saw what she wrote, and that it bothered me. That I realize that she had a bad day and that sometimes I do too. And that in life and in my own working life, sometimes I have a bad day and I have to choose where I talk about it so as not to offend my coworkers (some of whom ARE my “friends” on Facebook), or to appear unprofessional.

I’ve asked that in the future, she come talk to me when things aren’t working or she’s reached a frustration level (part of the awesomeness of our arrangement is that I’m home – so I am available for guidance should she really get in a jam or hit a level of frustration that makes the day unbearable for her – she can come to me and we can figure out a solution.

Was it the right thing to do? I really hope so. I’ll be watching a little bit more closely in the next few weeks, for sure – but I’m crossing my fingers that this was the right thing.

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  1. I think it’s awesome that you told the babysitter about it. Did she respond? I always assumed that our babysitter complained about me and the kids (I mean, DUH) just as I complain about my co-workers. Being on Facebook just adds another layer to it. I mean, complaining to friends is fine, but not so…publicly.

    I hope that it works out. I’m rooting for you!

  2. I think you did wonderfully! I know my head would have flown off, and not come back any time soon. I am prone to temper, so I am impressed at how you did. You took so much into account, and the message you sent was perfect!

    I hope you and MH can continue your relationship, and that you will both be open.

  3. I think the kiddos having the stability of a familiar MH is a good thing. They really seem to like her, and like you said, even Mom’s have rough days.

    Plus, you’re gently teaching the MH how to behave in a professional manner, and she can carry this valuable lesson with her into her adult life.

  4. I think that you’ve handled it beautifully darlin’!

  5. I think you did the right thing.

    As you know I frequently vent about work on my facebook. As the boss I try to keep it anecdotal and obviously I’m choosy about who my friends are. However, I have people I report to and I NEVER say anything about them, just to be on the safe side. It’s a good lesson for a young person because more and more employers are paying attention to employee’s facebook and twitter comments.

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