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The morning of July 4th, we got up insanely early and drove to watch the balloon festival. It’s funny, I used see the balloons launch in the morning on my way to work – they would float over the highway and it was such an awesome way to start my morning – so that now, even though they are not in my course anymore, I like to go see the balloon festival at least one day each year.

This year, we arrived and the sky was empty. Not a balloon in sight. The weather was mild and we were unsure if perhaps the launch was cancelled for some reason – or if perhaps delayed?

No fear.

The balloons went up.

Eventually, the sky was filled with them. It was beautiful.

Afterwards, we went to the fair where we gave each of the kids enough tickets to go on two rides each. Both girls went through the funhouse first (oh, that was wretched – because initially, seeing them struggle going through the hall of mirrors, I thought for sure one or both would come out crying in the end). But, they figured out the path of mirrors and bounded out with smiles mere minutes later.

As we wandered through the fair, Pumpkin zeroed in on her next ride choice: The Ferris Wheel.  Part of me panicked – I do not love a ferris wheel. I will go on any roller coaster, ANYWHERE, but the ferris wheel? Thank you but no thank you. None for me thanks. I thought she’d change her mind, but she was set, she would be going on that ferris wheel. I made Hubby take her, and sure enough, she loved every minute of the ride and was just all smiles when she came off. The Princess, on the other hand, prefers to keep her feet much closer to the ground, so she picked a ride with cars. I knew when she said that was the ride she wanted that she would be disappointed. And, disappointed she was. I could tell as soon as the ride started that she felt let down. She exited the ride at the end with a look on her face – she did such a good job holding back her tears. She sniffled a bit, but she realized that she had chosen that ride. And… next time she’ll know.

Maybe she’ll go on the ferris wheel with her little sister next year.

So long as I don’t have to.

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