Thursday Ten: I Win The F Chord

1. For guitar lesson today, the F chord that has been kicking my bootay for the past several weeks (or, month?) finally came together. More than once. WHOOHOO!

2. In other guitar news, I’m stillllll working on “I’m Yours”, and today picked up two new ones. My guitar teacher is on a Tom Petty kick in her life, so “Learning to Fly” and “Won’t Back Down”. No complicated strumming patterns for Mr. Petty, and for that I am grateful.

3. Week two of the Mother’s Helper, and though my kids love her, I am having to relearn to relinquish control of my house for a day each week so that I don’t go crazy knowing that my sink is piled high with dishes and there is a streak of nail polish on my kitchen floor. {Ommmmm}

4. New music this week – I went on a Damien Rice spree yesterday. “Volcano” is the one I am really loving right now. I also have a few others on my list to listen to after my guitar lesson – we may have spent a bit too long yammering about music instead of actually playing.

5. Do you ever have a day when you turn on your iPod, throw it on Shuffle and every tune that comes on is just exactly the right music for the moment? I have been working on a project all day and have rolled from 80s novelty rap (Young MC, anyone?) to Thievery Corporation’s “Lebanese Blonde” at this very moment. Life is good when the music is right.

6. I am still trying to get used to the new Canon, but I have to say… I just don’t love it. The flash blows pictures out something crazy. I really need to RTFM (Read the…manual!), because I’m hoping there’s a way to tinker with that so I can get the quality of photo I want.

7. The pilot who died mid-flight? How scary is that? Y’all know I am a TERRIBLE air passenger and that ranks up there among the top 200 things I fear about air travel. Yikes.

8. Know what sounds good right now? Brownie sundaes. YUM.

9. I should probably acknowledge that yes, the Red Wings lost the Stanley Cup in a game that I found to be totally miserable. Ugh. It hurt to watch. Bleeeeeeeh.

10. The Princess has taken to answering the phone, a fact that I should accept as she’s getting older – but refuse to because she is apparently unable to take a telephone message. Drives me a little batty when three hours after the fact she’ll say, “Mom, someone from…. someplace called.”

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