Thursday Ten: Digging My New Home Edition

1. Hey – did you notice? The Mom Chronicles HAS MOVED. I am loving my new home, new look, and new name. It’s been a long time coming and would not be possible without the wicked creatives of Linda of Short Pump Preppy and Daisy’s awesome behind-the-curtains-like-the-great-and-powerful-Oz magic. Seriously – LOVE THEM. And welcome. Wipe your feet at the door, take off your shoes and check out these comfy chairs and hang out awhile.

2. I’m finally recovering a bit from the walk. Monday, I got hit hard with exhaustion – and I was pretty upset. I said to myself, “I did a really cool thing, and I just want to cry. Why?”  It was kindly pointed out to me that maybe I oughta be chugging some agua. Oh, yeah. THAT. Some water, some Gatorade helped tremendously. My feet still hurt though.

3.  I swore I’d take the week off from walking after walking FORTY MILES. I didn’t. I walked two miles yesterday. In flip flops. With my blistered big toes wrapped in a ton of gauze looking like Fred Flintstone toes. It didn’t hurt. Until I stopped.

4. I’ve had a few weeks off from guitar, so it was good to get back today. Still working on Jason Mraz (I’m Yours) and Counting Crows (Mr. Jones). The F chord is giving me drama – really, any barre chords are a pain in my booty – so we transposed it into the key of G. Wasn’t any easier, so I’ll just have to keep working.

5. Today is the first day with the Mother’s Helper back for the summer so I can get some work done during the day. She and the kids have pulled all the cushions off the couch and Pumpkin is jumping from the couch to the cushions. She’s getting some SERIOUS air. They’ve also painted, made really tiny cakes with the Easy Bake Oven (I hate that thing), and possibly gotten some Mario Kart going. They adore her and are having a blast.

6. How did I not buy any new music this week? Oh! That always makes me sad. What is your favorite song these days?

7. Game 7 of the RedWings-Penguins game is tomorrow. I would love to be at that game, but no go. BUT, I will be glued to the television, so there’s that.

8. So You Think You Can Dance – they kicked it off last night with the actual dancing and I have to say, I’m really peeved that someone set something to that obnoxious Lady Gaga song. I get that they were probably going for something current in music, but it wasn’t really relevant, and I hate that song.

9. The Princess has decided she loves the phone. Remember: she just turned 7. I have spent a lot of time lately looking for where she’s left the phone. The downside to having a kid who is a bit ahead of things – she’s ahead on pretty much all counts. Even the stinkin’ phone.

10. My dress for my sister’s wedding arrived. AND IT DOESN’T FIT. I went into the bridal shop and they’ll exchange it for the next size up. They admit that their sample sizes are not true to size because they are handled so much – and that’s why they take measurements of people too. Um, y’all didn’t measure me. The original dress was an empire waisted dealy – and so it was only snug at the empire waist/band part. This new one is going to have to be shortened, taken in in multiple places and I’m pretty annoyed about it. Their error is going to end up costing me a bit in alterations costs and inconvenience. Grumble, grumble.

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  1. Your new site rawks!!!

  2. Ido SO love your new site! It is so purty and sleek and clean!!
    YAY you! Still so proud of you for your walk and determination and stamina!

    SO proud!!!!

  3. I’ve been enjoying Jewel’s “Good Day” song. I love it !

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