Take A Picture, It Will Last Longer

Along with my computer collapsing at the sound of my claim to be wired, my digital camera crapped out on me a few months ago – with the lens cover whosy-whatsit refusing to open entirely and shut more than halfway. I called the peeps at Canon and they said, “The cost to fix it is (some absurd dollar amount not too far off from the cost of a new camera).” I said, Guess I’ll go camera shopping.

But before I could get that far, my best friend said I could borrow her backup camera and then promptly drove out to my neck of the woods to drop off her lovely Sony camera. And for the past month or so, I’ve been cranking away with that – and it’s a very lovely camera. However, it is time for Sony to go home to its momma, so I had to get my act together and get a camera of my own.

This morning I started looking to see what was out there, and found a deal on a pretty neat Nikon. Granted, even though I wanted a fancy-schmancy SLR, I just can’t justify it. I am loving the 365 project and really am working on trying to find my perspective and all that behind the camera, more than a couple hundred bucks would not have been a really wise choice at this point. The Nikon had a couple features I was pretty interested in – one of them being the rapid shooting feature – which I thought would be cool given that my kids tend to move around a lot and then I end up missing possibly cool shots because I didn’t move fast enough.

But the thing about the Nikon was that even though I loved the heft of the camera (it’s nearly a pound, I think), and the way it felt in my hand, I didn’t love the way the first few shots came out. They were kind of… not crisp. I did a bit of a google search and found that that was not an uncommon complaint about the camera.

Alrighty, then. Back to square one.

Returned the camera and did some iPhone Google searches for reviews at the store. Ended up with a Canon, not too altogether different than what I had before.

What do I think of it? It’s too soon to tell, actually. Weight-wise? I really don’t love the way it feels in my hand. I’ve been spoiled by the Sony, I think. The picture quality… well… it’s too soon to tell, as well (I’ve only taken a few sample shots in bad lighting – I think the flash is gonna bug me).


But I think I’ll keep it for now and see how it goes.

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