Maid of Honor? Um, More Like… MADE OF AWESOME

My baby sister is getting married this fall. She’s ten years younger than me, so yeah, I can get away with that whole “baby” thing. She met a really awesome guy and I’m so thrilled for her. I was thrilled when she asked me to be a bridesmaid (though I did have a sense of the, “OMG. I am the world’s OLDEST BRIDESMAID.”

I was cool with being a bridesmaid, though. Because of our age gap, my sister and I have only become close in recent years because she was only eight when I left home for college — so I missed a lot of her growing up years. Now, as adults we are friends as well – but I completely understood that she had friends she was perhaps tighter with, that would make a better choice for the role of MOH.


She and the MOH had a falling out of sorts, so hey! Guess who got promoted?

The promotion comes complete with the task of throwing a bridal shower and bachelorette fiesta and the bridal shower planning has been consuming my week. Partly because if I’m being totally honest: I do not like bridal showers. I don’t like sitting around drinking over-sweetened punch with far-flung extended family members that were probably only invited for the gift. I hate shower games (though, WATCH OUT, because I can and DO kick some MAJOR BOOTY on shower games. Especially the word scramble – I can’t help it – I just have mad letter scrambling skills. I guess?). I hate bad cake.

And now I’m hosting one of these things?

I’m reading too much into it – but I am on a mission to throw the anti-bridal shower. I want hers to be… FUN. And the cake? It must be good. I don’t care HOW many slices of cake I have to sample to find a yummy shower cake, I will find yummy cake.

It’s amazing how consuming it can be.

On top of this? I’m helping her move this weekend. I’m racking up some major awesome sister points this summer.

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  1. AW 🙂 Let me know if you’d like some awesome (or as awesome as I can make them) pictures of the bridal shower 🙂

  2. Ah- you are living my summer 2008 life! Well, sort of. My sister is 14 years younger than me. And she got married last summer. But I wasn’t her MOH or even bridesmaid. I was the officiant! 😀 Which meant I didn’t have to host or throw any parties. But I did play the part more of Mother of the Bride (and threatened to uninvite anyone who called me that!)

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