I Feed My Kids the Apple Kool-Aid

My first MP3 player was a funky little Sony thing. It was a cute plastic blue thing that held maybe four songs (I’m exaggerating…slightly), and was a pain in the butt because there weren’t really any accessories to make a little round MP3 player handy for working out. It was replaced a month or so later with a first gen iPod Shuffle. A cute little MP3, no doubt, clipped on to my workout clothes – so definitely convenient, but 1 gb? That’s really not that much.

Eventually, I replaced it with a cool Nano – which I loved.  When I purchased my Nano, I got a silver 8 gb thing. Again, not sure what I was thinking. I have a lot of CDs, but I was selectively ripping stuff to iTunes, so I thought, “Oh sure. Eight gigs is fine.”

Until… I tried to load some television shows on my iPod so I could have some entertainment to watch while I was in Chicago for the Avon Walk. At that point, I still was suffering the illusion of thinking I was going to camp at the Wellness Village after 26.2 miles of walking (to the Twitter peep who talked me out of that stupid idea? I thank you – one thousand times, I thank you). I downloaded a few shows, went to put them on my iPod and then…

No GO.

It was full.

I started creating playlists and trying to figure out how I could manage to have both the shows I wanted with me, and the music I liked “the best” with me.

And then? I figured FORGET IT. Moseyed on to the Apple store, picked up a lovely Classic iPod (which is cumbersome, but… I doubt I’ll run out of space anytime soon). This triggered The Princess saying, “Mom? You have A LOT of iPods. Can’t I have one?

Yesterday, we hooked her up with my old Shuffle. Ripped a ton of kiddy music to it (High School Musical, Hannah Montana, Taylor Swift), and she has been rocking out with her headphones on ever since. I have lectured her on volume control. I have lectured her on wearing it while riding her bike. I have lectured her on pretty much everything (I’m the mother, that’s what I do).  And last night, when asked what her  favorite part of her day was – a day full of ice cream, birthday cake and swimming in a pool, her favorite part was, “Getting my iPod.”

Have we created a monster? Uh, most likely. This morning, as I was cleaning with my headphones in, The Princess looked at my iPod and her eyes got really big and she said, “Now THAT, THAT is what I want.”

Guess she better start saving her allowance.

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Sarah is a book nerd, a music lover, an endorphin junkie, a coffee addict. Oh, and a goof ball. She writes, she tweets, and she sings off key.


  1. Look at you startinf your little one on iPods! Fell free to send any you don’t want my way!! Cause that, that is what I want!! ha ha ha

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