Thursday Ten: Ow

1. Spring weather is coming, so I got a bug up my butt yesterday to do the Turbo Jam Ab Party. Twenty minutes of ab work. And I’m feeling it today.

2. I tried to find a YouTube video of Turbo Jam but could only find a video of someone DOING the video and I can’t for the life of me figure out what would make someone post their workout on YouTube. (And her form was atrocious).

3. American Idol… Disco week. Wow. Y’know, there’s some disco that I just love – and I’m relieved no one sang that song about leaving the cake out in the rain. But that was too much Donna Summer. I so loved Kris’s version of “She Works Hard (For The Money)”. But was glad to see Lil go, especially when I got all distracted by her super shiny pants.

4. And then LAST NIGHT’S SHOW? With the medley of faded disco stars long past their prime? Yeah. That was interesting. The women woulda done so much better had they worn something more suitable to their current body types (and maybe not tried to bust out the gold lame’ from the 70s), and KC and his “girls”? That was… somethin’.

5. Somehow I manage to miss all previews for nonchild related movies which is how I ended up at “State of Play” on Friday having NO clue what it was about. Actually, you know what? That’s the way to do it with movies. No expectations, no clue. It was a decent movie, even though I don’t normally like Ben Affleck.

6. Hooray for Albuterol. Pumpkin’s sleeping schedule? Oh my god. Amazing. I’m sleeping past 6 a.m. again. And that shouldn’t be nearly so exciting – but yay! 6 a.m.!

7. Still working on Matt Nathanson in guitar. Week 3. Getting better – learned the instrumental and the bridge today.

8. Got my nails done last week. Less than a week later, they are all chipped and scruffy looking. Should have gone for a pale neutral instead of a bright OPI shade. Wish I could make a mani last longer, but I’m brutal on my nails.

9. Craving Doritos.

10. I broke my digital camera. Throwing a camera in my purse probably isn’t the best idea because the lens cover is now broken. Guess I need to replace it. Do y’all have a point and shoot camera you love? What is it? (I’m not talking SLR – I’m not enough of a photographic genius to require something too fancy).

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  1. And now I’m craving Doritos. Damn you.

  2. I want an SLR…I have an SLR and I gave it to my daughter at college because she’s an “art” student…blahblah…so I got a digital old model Canon at…’cause i guess I’m cheap that way…

  3. LOL! Number 2 is the best! I can’t believe that anyone would do that!

    I’m glad the guitar playing is going so well! I really look forward to your updates.

    Yikes about the camera! Are you still doing Project 365?

  4. I am still doing the 365 – my friend was gracious enough to loan me her back up camera (which is a way better camera than my regular camera ever was!). So, I’m still taking pictures!

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