That Dishwasher Isn’t Gonna Empty Itself

On Mondays, I typically gather all the laundry that’s accumulated in the house all week and basically spend the day washing, drying and folding laundry. Everyone has a basket and I put everyone’s stuff in their basket for them to take care of putting in drawers and hanging in their closet (Pumpkin is the exception to the rule as she can’t reach some of her drawers, and I figure I’ll put her to work soon enough). I tend to get my clothes put away quickly – because having a laundry basket full of clean clothes just sitting there drives me bonkers – I have to get the stuff put away promptly. Hubby usually gets to his about midway in the week. The Princess? Well, last night, I had to tell her AGAIN, that she needed to put away her clothes from LAST week so I would have a basket to put in her clean clothes from THIS week in. She just hates to put her clothes away.

It drives me nuts.

But that’s the way I am about the dishwasher.

I know that I should just be relieved to have a dishwasher. Relieved to not have to wash every dish by hand. Instead, I grumble about what a pain it is to put dishes away. As I type, the dishwasher is full of clean dishes that are just sitting there – and I dread getting up to deal with them. I’d rather clean every toilet in our house (and there are four) TWICE than deal with putting the dishes away.

Makes me wish for biodegradable paper plates.

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  1. This was one of Mollie’s first chores. It started at age five. I would take the knives out of the baskets and have her put away the rest of the silverware. Then she inched up to drying out the cups for me.

    Now she just empties the whole dishwasher.


    I need to turn mine into Mollies.

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