Snow For Spring Break… Of Course.

I may never get used to the fact that a Michigan winter lasts about half of a year. Not a fan of cold weather, I had foolishly almost packed away the mittens, hats and scarves until next winter (Laziness stopped me). I’m glad I didn’t put them away because yeah – last night, snow. The next few days are going to be cold, and hello? The kids are on SPRING BREAK. In the snow.

Today, we had planned for The Princess to have a playdate with a friend from her class. She’d been looking forward to it all weekend, even cleaned her room for it. This morning, the friend’s mom called me and unfortunately had to cancel because her daughter had been puking all night and all morning. (No fun!!). Understandably, The Princess was pretty bummed out and though we’ve rescheduled it put a mighty big damper on today.

Here’s hoping the rest of the vacation gets better from here.

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