Another Mangled Nap

This morning, I took Pumpkin back to the library for storytime. I figured I rushed her outta there so fast last week, today we would go and be mellow – no rush. We would stay and at the end of the story time we would take the time to make whatever craft project was set up and then we’d mosey out when we were done, at our own little pace.

I actually don’t mind story time half as much as I did when we went the first time. The first time we went, the room was full of kids screeching at a pitch that nearly brought tears to my eyes. It was a chaotic mess, but man, my daughter had SO MUCH FUN that, yeah… we went back.

The next time? It wasn’t so bad.

And now, I’ve gotten kind of used to it. Doesn’t mean I’m that mom sitting on the floor with the kids doing all the hand motions to all the songs (just ONE mom does it. The rest of us sit in our little plastic chairs watching the kids and catching our breath – that one camps out right in the thick of things on the floor – more power to her, I suppose), but it means that I love the whole library ritual anyway. Today, I checked out six books for myself, even though I’m already behind on reading. I let Pumpkin pick out several. After the songs and the stories and the goodbye song, we ventured to the crafts table to make bookmarks (paper covered with stickers and then laminated – cute).

After we were done, we got into the car and ventured home. About ten minutes from home, I looked back in the rear view and saw her drifting off to sleep. I started making conversation – the desperate “PLEASE DON’T FALL ASLEEP NOW” conversation – asking her what she liked best about story time, what book she wanted to read first — but she was fading. By the time we pulled into the driveway, she was completely zonked out. I gently carried her into her room and thought to myself, “Oh well, guess we’re having naptime a smidge early today. I’ll roll with it.”

Not twenty minutes later she was awake and refusing to nap any longer. Bleergh. Hooray for Storytime.

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