I Love Parent Teacher Conferences

It’s easy to love them at the first grade level, I think – but last night’s conference for The Princess was FUN. We spent five minutes listening to how much the teacher adores The Princess and the rest of the time talking about second grade, college sports, graduate school programs (not for The Princess – I feel like I need to clarify that while it was a GOOD conference, she’s not Doogie Howser). It was a very mellow meeting, and most likely the highlight of my day. My favorite part was hearing about how well my daughter reads, though. If she loves reading, it will carry her so far.

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  1. The Courteous Chihuahua says

    That is too fun. I miss those days. On the upside, at least the girls and I can now read the same books. My younger daughter and I have had some really great book discussions.

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