Thursday Ten: Buried In The Classics Edition

1. First – some Blissfully Domestic stuff. BD is up for a WEBLOG award for Best Parenting Blog. You can vote once per day. One vote per computer… so,
9. FINALLY! Guitar lesson today! It’s been far too long. Felt good to be back.

10. Procrastinate much? I am now nearly 6 months late in getting Pumpkin’s 3 year pictures done. Guess I better get myself together.

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  1. OK.
    Mine is a picture from my sons room. Last summer he was getting ready to leave for college and we wee going to paint (the hideous color was by the previous owners) so I made a to do list for him on the walls with a sharpie. We had fun leaving him sharpie messages on all 4 walls until he left. I also posted new and improved home office pic.

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  2. Joe Schmitt says

    A third of the way through? Damn, I’m way behind.

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