Pumpkin Is Running the Show.

The Princess has been watching the clock all day. Actually, she’s been counting down for the past two weeks. A friend of hers is having a sleepover and tonight’s the night. All day, she’s been watching the clock, calculating just how long remained until she got to go to her friend’s house. Finally 6:30 rolled around and off she went.

Oh, how sad Pumpkin was to see her big sister go, but she quickly adjusted to her role as the only kiddo in the house. And she kinda liked it, from what I can tell. She got to pick the evening television show (Diego, the one about the anaconda – and she even warned me to not look at the tv because there was a snake — though cartoon snakes don’t skeeve me out like real ones do). She got to curl up under the big Zoe blanket without having to share it. And my god, if bedtime wasn’t easier with just one.

By tomorrow morning, she’ll be ready for her big sister to come home. She’ll miss her playmate (even though Pumpkin nearly broke The Princess’s nose this morning), but for tonight, I think she enjoyed getting to be the only child.

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