One More Post In Which I Complain About Feeling Like Something Stuck to the Bottom of One’s Shoe

I am still really sick today. I was really sick last night and woke up every hour on the hour just hoping I could just throw up and be done with the whole “feeling sick” thing. The only problem with that is that generally you need to have had something to eat or drink to make that whole throwing up option even a possibility – and I hadn’t really – so. No go.

At 3:45, I felt my way along the walls downstairs into the kitchen where I grabbed a few pretzels and ate one, leaving the others on my nightstand to maybe try again later at some point (because eating one pretzel was tough to choke down). Woke up for the day at 5:45 and trudged downstairs to stake my claim on the couch before either of the girls got too comfortable and wrapped myself in blankets, planning to spend the day with Pumpkin watching far too much television and avoiding the subzero temps outside.

Once The Princess was on the bus heading towards school, Pumpkin and I watched a lot of Blue’s Clues. I have little patience for Steve on a GOOD day, and today? I just wanted to throw my box of Kleenex at the screen because it was taking him so freakin’ long to figure out Blue’s Clues.

But then…

“Mommy, my ear hurts.”

And then about forty minutes later: “My ear really hurts.”

I called the doctor’s office, set up a time to go in and then hauled my self off the couch to go get dressed in REAL CLOTHES (because unless I’m actually going to go work out, I can’t bring myself to wear my warmup pants in public), and to make myself look a little less like I had been lying on the couch for the past few hours.

The doctor’s office zipped us in and right out. Pumpkin’s left ear is infected. We’ve got antibiotics. Back home back home where I just counted the minutes for her to take a nap, thinking that I could really use one too. And I let myself sleep for about 25 minutes – which is better than nothing.

But, ugh. I hate being sick. Maybe tomorrow will be better.

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  1. Oh, poor girls. I don’t miss those days! Take care of yourself.

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